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If you want a power tool in a color other than Delta gray, Jet white, Ridgid orange, or Hitachi “aggressive” green, WoodWerks can help. They’re selling the Powermatic PM2000 cabinet saw with options that include not only custom paint, but custom knobs and a custom name plate. And the PM2000 won Fine Woodworking‘s Editor’s Choice for Cabinet Saw in 2006 — so you know your saw’s beauty is more than skin-deep.

As you pick and choose your options, WoodWerks’ website shows you what your custom saw will look like. Woodwerks adds some features that aren’t cosmetic, including a cast iron extension table for 52″ fences, and a cast iron extension table support.

The PM2000’s large, cast iron base provides stability and dampens vibrations. The saw comes with an arbor lock for simple blade changes and a built-in riving knife behind the blade for safety. A green LED indicator lets you know when the saw is hooked up to a live power source.

The price ranges from $2,890, for your basic PM2000, to $4,635 for your humongo-custom-everything with cocobolo handles and lift-gate delivery to your home. Just remember: if you get enough use out of the saw, you won’t see the paint color for all the sawdust.

Custom PM2000 [WoodWerks]
Ordinary PM2000 [Powermatic]


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