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When I’m trying to fit bigger, wider wheels on my car, and I just need a bit more clearance, I pull this out of my bag of tricks: the Eastwood fender roller tool. Most fenders have a flange on ’em that’s parallel to the ground, and it can potentially cut your tire.  Bolt the fender roller onto the hub, turn the handle, and that flange will be curved up flush against the outside-fender skin. Sometimes that extra 1/2″ is all you need.

Fender Roller [Eastwood Co.]


3 Responses to Eastwood Fender Roller Tool

  1. ToolFreak says:

    While this is a good idea, and probably what’s called for in some cases, rolling the fenders like this doesn’t work on most vehicles with plastic fenderwells that are attached to the fender lip that would be rolled..or at least, it doesn’t if you want to still attach the fenderwell plastic to the fender and not have it flopping around or have to detach it entirely.

  2. forlerm98022 says:

    i like to restore old cars but i think i will see if they rent those at autozone .

  3. cheerIO says:

    I always rolled them oldschool. Jack the car up a little for some clearance and roll an old baseball bat around the fender opening levering off the top of the tire.

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