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Needlenose pliers excel at precision work: those times you want to grab that small screw, bend that wire, or pick up that button from the small hole in the floor. Any old pair of needlenose will work for those tasks, but what if you need to grab wires so fine you can barely see ’em? You don’t want some clonky pair of needlenose pliers whose jaws don’t even touch — you want the strength of pliers, plus the precision of a pair of tweezers. Xuron’s Tweezernose pliers give you just that.

The pliers feature full-size handles to grab with, as well as a pair of jaws so fine that you can pick up a human hair. With spring-loaded handles, you can focus on moving microchips and not on opening the jaws. The black-finish tips prevent glare under strong work lights and provide a sharp contrast to bright wires. Xuron machines the Tweezernose’s smooth jaws so the tips won’t cross or mis-align, and you won’t lose control of delicate parts. If you want just a little more grab, you can get ’em in a micro-serrated jaw style.


Xuron has been making tools for industrial electrical applications and the consumer hobby market for years. You can pick up a pair for your precision needs for only $14.

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