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Craftsman has thrown down the gauntlet. OK, maybe more like a dish glove. Or a used latex work glove. Here’s the deal: if you can find “a better value at the same or lower price” with all the features of various Craftsman lawn mowers and tractors, they’ll “give it to you free.” Before you go diving for Google, here’s the fine print:

Picture 3.png

You’ll also find a few kicker requirements in the flyer, such as a “Die Hard battery” (so the mower you find has to be made by Sears) and a “free trip charge for in-home warranty service during the first year**.” What do the asterisks mean? “See sales associate for details.” This whole game reminds me a bit of the prizes Steve Martin offered as a carnie in The Jerk.

Oh yeah, you’ve only got until the 26th. And you can’t participate if you live in California. Unlucky you.

The Fine Print [Sears/PDF]


6 Responses to The Craftsman Challenge: A Free Lawn Tractor?

  1. Weber says:

    And they wonder what’s killing big box stores, it’s idiot games like this.

  2. SuperJdynamite says:

    Actually, there’s more. You have to complete the checklist you link to then give that to a sales associate who will then give you the actual challenge form you must complete.

  3. Chaim says:

    Someone should sue Sears for this. Basically they are putting out a “challenge” with NO INTENT to ever accept someone’s claim. This is totally slimy and makes me not want to shop at Sears. I bet if someone looked at last time Sears did this they did not give out a single credit.

  4. ToolFreak says:

    It is a wonder there hasn’t been legal action to make Sears stop this and their other phony gimmicks. Maybe noone has bothered to bring this to the attention of the attorney general of their state? I’m sure a class action suit would stop this in short order when Sears ends up giving a credit to everyone who bothered with it.

  5. l_bilyk says:

    This is stupid. Actually I wish it was serious because some of the cub cadet mowers would give sears a run for their money

  6. nx99 says:

    Reminds me of a Chevy dealer here in Houston who used to promise you a Vette if you brought them a deal they couldn’t beat.

    Well, duh! “Sorry Mr. Consumer, $12,900 is as low as I can go on that model. What color Corvette would you like?”

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