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Snap-on recently introduced the magnetic Lock-A-Wrench 12-piece wrench organizer under their Blue Point label. Apparently it isn’t just for wrenches — it appears to work with most shafted tools. Attach this organizer to your workbench for easy storage, or stick it to your metal toolbox or cart to keep tools within reach.

The unique locking mechanism keeps your tools in the Lock-A-Wrench until you need them. Insert a wrench and turn it clockwise to secure it in the Lock-A-Wrench — to remove the tool, turn it counterclockwise, and pull it out.

Made-in-the-USA fans, rejoice! Snap-on lists the USA as the country of origin. Like most Snap-on purchases, you’re gonna feel it when you shell out more than you expect for the Lock-A-Wrench — but if it’s like most of their tools, you’ll find out after you own it that you spent your money well. Snap-on lists the Lock-A-Wrench for $42 on their site.

Lock-A-Wrench [Snap-on]
Lock-A-Wrench [PDF Brochure]


6 Responses to New Lock-A-Wrench Organizer

  1. EricT says:

    I have these but bought them at one of those flea market tool booths back in January. The don’t have the Bluepoint name but look and work identical. I paid $4 each for these…no doubt Snappy will price gouge their customers with the leash of weekly payments for these.

  2. Terry says:

    I’d pay $4 from these but not whatever the Snap-On brand will ask for these.

    Does anyone know where to pick up the cheap ones?

  3. TheToolBooth says:

    Wait a while for these to show up at places like SJ Discount Tools. I sold these out of my booth last fall just to see how they would do. The problem is the magnets on the back get weak rather quickly and will limit the amount of tools they can hold based on their overall weight. Its also Bluepoint which is Snap On’s made in China label.

    Just FYI, my cost was just over a buck each, (had to order 100 at a time) and I sold these for about $5 each.

    Also check with Strategic Tools & Equipment (www.strategictq.com) Many of the tools introduced here often get rebranded and end up on the tool trucks at five times the price.

  4. Terry says:

    TheToolBooth — If you run across a site to get these cheap please let me know. I checked the places you mentioned with no luck.

    The magnet being weak is ok for me. I have a tone of rare earth magnets I can augment it with.

  5. Drew says:


    Please, do tell… I saw these once at a tool trade show but didn’t pay much attention to it. Maybe it was you? Do you have an online store?

  6. david says:

    i would really like one of these but all of the ones i have found only hold up to 1″ i need it atleast to hold up to 1-1/4″ if anyone knows if these are available please let me know

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