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UFO Toollight

It’s easy to see where the “UFO” part came from in UFO Tool And Flash Light: after watching enough bad sci-fi movies, you’ll notice this tool does resemble the typical alien flying saucer. Resemblance aside, UFO Toollight — the company — might really have come up with a good idea. Slip the UFO light over the shaft of your screwdriver, nut driver, 1/4″ ratchet extension, or any tool with a 3/16″ to 7/16″ shaft, and you can clearly see the fastener you’re trying to reach.

You turn the ring to switch the three LEDs on and off — the bulbs output a bright, wide beam. A magnetic back holds the UFO light to any ferrous surface, and the non-slip rubber housing is weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about inclement weather. At less than an ounce, you’ll barely feel the UFO light when you’re using it.

You can find the UFO light for about $10, including the three needed LR44 button cells.

UFO Tool And Flash Light [Corporate Site]
UFO Tool And Flash Light [Crawford Tools]


5 Responses to Close Encounters Of The Flashlight Kind

  1. Fred says:

    Sears used to sell a very similar tool – in red/black color scheme – under their Craftsman name. It bore a part number 9-93051 and a UPC 714994930518 – so I suspect that it was made by Easco Hand Tools (a Danaher Co.)

  2. Neal says:

    But where’s the laser?

  3. Barri says:

    All my tools have built in lights so no need for this horrible looking tool.

  4. NotTheSharpestSpoon says:

    //But where’s the laser?//

    They used them all on the fricking killer sharks..

  5. Bob TDG says:

    It’s great that the flashlight will illuminate the object in a small dark space… however… wouldn’t it also block my view of that object???

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