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The AVT in Makita’s AVT line of tools stands for Anti-Vibration Technology. The AVT tools work on the same principle as a boxer engine in a motorcycle: a mechanism inside the tool propels a counterweight that balances the force of the tool’s stroke. In addition to giving the user a much smoother experience, the technology also increases the efficiency of the tool, because it isn’t jolted all around while it’s cutting or pounding or whatever. Toolmonger has featured the AVT jackhammer — and of course, we’d all love to use a jackhammer at least once. But now the AVT technology is also available in a tool your average Toolmonger can get some use out of, a recip saw.

In addition to smoother cutting, the saw features tool-less blade and shoe adjustment; a clutch that’ll cut power to the gears should the blade become stuck; and a variable speed control. A 15A motor powers the saw, which has a cutting stroke of 1-1/4″.

If you want to get a look at Makita’s AVT line, their website features an explanation of the technology and a video of the difference between AVT and non-AVT tools. If you want get your hands on the smooth-operating saw, the average street price is $160.

AVT Saw [Makita]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
(B0009OR92E) [What’s This?]


6 Responses to Makita's Unshakable Saw

  1. Fred says:

    While we have not replaced any of our Milwaukee Sawzalls with this model – I recall that I saw very good reviews of it in Fine Homebuilding – some time back. The only negative things I’ve seen is that its a bit heavy – and theere have been some users who complain about blade breakage. I had thought to buy a few when our Sawzalls get too long in the tooth – and would be interested in hearing about on-the-job performance.

  2. Greg says:

    Its better than any sawzall I’ve ever used.

  3. PutnamEco says:

    Greg Says:
    Its better than any sawzall I’ve ever used.
    How so?

    And what sawzalls have you used?

  4. Dave says:

    For me, a bit more weight for much less vibration is a great trade off. The saw is much faster because it does not seem to jump around in my hands as much, along with the orbital sawing motion in the saw.
    _Fine Homebuilding_ did a test of every saw on the market (including Hilti) around January 2006 and the 2 Makita saws tested came out best saw and best value. I saw a sales rep at a demonstration take the blade out of the saw, turn it on and stand it on a table and it did not hop around. Home Depot has these saws now so you can compare things easily.

  5. Paul says:

    I’m skeptical that the counterweight mechanism in the saw actually makes it any more “efficient”. Not that it matters with a corded tool, but the physics don’t quite work out, especially if you use the saw correctly, pushing it firmly against whatever you’re cutting to dampen the vibrations.

  6. JohnSims says:

    This makes other recip saws or sawzalls seem outdated and old. The anti vibration works and makes wood cutting a breeze. It cuts a 4×4 much faster than the similar Milwaukee that was always the old standby. I highly recommend this saw.

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