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grizzly grinder stand

Just when you thought your multi-talented angle grinder couldn’t get any “multi-talented-er”, along comes the Grizzly Industrial angle grinder stand. This cool grinder accessory effectively turns your 4-1/2″ angle grinder into a mini metal-cutting chopsaw.

You don’t have to modify anything — simply clamp your angle grinder with the stand’s vise and attach it to the stand where the grinder’s side handle would usually go, and you’ll be cutting steel tubing and rebar with the best of ’em. Once you’ve secured your material with the stand’s built-in clamp, you can cut at any angle between 45 and 90 degrees. The spring-loaded return makes the action feel just like a regular chopsaw.

At a mere $21, it’s definitely worth trying out.

Grinder Stand [Grizzly]
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7 Responses to Turn Your Angle Grinder Into A Mini-Chopsaw

  1. FrankTownend says:

    This is interesting. I also remember the two for one price on grinders elsewhere on ToolMonger. Might be worth it to dedicate one full time.

  2. ToolFreak says:

    Maybe this will work if you get a very thin type of cutting wheel that fits the grinder, but I doubt the normal 1/4″ thick grinding wheels will cut well or fast through flat/angle iron and the like.

  3. John Laur says:


    Well, good thing that thin cutting wheels are both readily available and cheap then!

    I don’t know how much time I have wasted hacksawing and filing on tiny little angle and u channel crap that this could have cut through in five seconds… Heck of a jig for $20

  4. TMIB_Seattle says:

    I had an almost identical unit from Harbor Freight. It didn’t keep things lined up well and the way the grinder/cutter mounted it had too much flex. Pretty well useless.

    Maybe this version is better.

    • John Scarborough says:

      You said you bought the piece of crap at Harbor Freight right? Did you really expect quality?

  5. Fred says:

    We bought one some years ago – in the hopes that it might replace lugging around the big chop saw or the portable band saw for light work. Nope!

  6. taher says:

    I need this stand for hand grinder….. does anyone knows where will I get it????

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