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Wooden Tape Measures

Who says form has to follow function?  Why can’t it lead once in a while? Flaunt your style with one of these beautiful tape measures from Dixon Tape and Rule. Choose a tape measure covered in a fancy veneer or made from a solid block of exotic, domestic, or imported wood. They even hand-paint some models or decorate ’em with inlays.

With its curved sides, the slim-body tape measure easily slides into your pocket. The tapes feature a 6′ blade tipped by a gold tab, but unlike most tape measures, the tapes have no locking mechanism to hold the extended blade. Dixon finishes the cases with three sealer coats and a semi-gloss lacquer finish, and for that personal touch they even laser-engrave corporate logos or designs, on request.

You’re probably not going to use one of these tape measures to build your house, but if you appreciate fine craftsmanship you can pay anywhere from $29 for a tape measure made from antique cherry to $75 for a more elaborate ebony with abalone inlay.

Wooden Tape Measures
[Dixon Tape & Rule]
Wooden Tape Measures [Ashland Hardwood Gallery]


2 Responses to Tape Measures With Style

  1. Hah.. you’d get laughed off just about any building site I’ve ever worked on.


  2. neil says:

    Duncan is spot on, in his comment, but I’m sure there is a market for these. Most likely the “gifts for grandpa” section.

    Not to rip on Mr. Johnson, but as a designer I question the words “style” and “Form” used here. Style is highly subjective.

    I am not wanting to start the form/function debate but, the function is almost completely lacking and for what? The form is a square, albeit with “curved sides”. Thats not really pushing any boundaries in the form department.


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