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I’ve always said Swiss Army knives should be red, and I’ve defended that position with vigor — until I got a look at the rosewood-handled Swisschamp, new for this year’s Victorinox lineup.

In the classic Swiss Army tradition, the Swisschamp sports 30+ tools on one knife, everything from a magnifying glass to a fish scaler. But the Swiss Army folks have taken it in an interesting new direction with the rosewood handle. They normally shy away from exotic handles, with the exception of a few far-fetched models here and there — it’s been a while since they’ve offered a nice hardwood handle.

Sure, it’s $100 a pop, but we hope this is the first sign of more wood-handled knives to come, and not just a one-off they produce a few hundred of and then toss into obscurity.

Rosewood Swisschamp [Victorinox]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


6 Responses to Rosewood-Handled Swiss Army Knife

  1. New Guy says:

    If this knife even piques your interest just a little bit, you’ve got to go to http://www.knifecenter.com/. It’s a secret almost too good to share.

  2. forler98022 says:

    what is the hook thing on the bottom near the flat tip screwdiver if its not to much trouble ?

  3. DiscoBubba says:

    Forler: I know a guy with a huge S.A.K. that wondered that for years until he actually asked after a tour of their factory. Turns out its for carrying packages wrapped in twine, or a bunch of plastic bags, that sort of thing. You simply hook onto the twine/plastic and then can use the rest of the S.A.K. as a larger more comfortable handle.

  4. Peter says:

    Thanks DiscoBubba! I checked the feature list for the knife and found it helpfully identified as “hook.” It being a package carrying hook makes perfect, perverse Euro-sense!

  5. forler98022 says:

    thanx i would have never got that on my own

  6. ManzaPearl says:

    I was wondering if it was possible to have the rosewood handle engraved, or is the only option to do the blade?

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