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With spring at hand and summer just around the corner, soon you’ll be hauling the hose all all over the yard. In my experience, the worst part of dealing with a garden hose is reeling it back in, so this No-Crank hose reel definitely appeals to me. After you’re done with the hose, just pull the lever on the No-Crank — and a motor powered by house water pressure reels it back in.

The No-Crank Classic 100 features a handle on top for portability, or you can mount it to the floor for a more permanent setup. It holds 100 feet of 5/8″ hose and 150 feet of 1/2″. The three-piston “hydro-pro” motor does all the work, converting water pressure into its winding action. As the hose is reeled in, a reciprocating guide neatly arranges it while also wiping off debris.

Street pricing on the Classic 100 is about $70. No-Crank also offers several other models with different features and capacities — check their site for more details.

No-Crank Classic 100 [No-Crank]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
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15 Responses to Be Kind, Rewind Your Hose With Water Power

  1. I’ve always wondered how well these work. I really hate having to guide the hose onto my hose reel as I wind it up — my hands get really dirty and it takes a lot longer that it should.

  2. McAngryPants says:

    I got one of these. Mine is 6 years old and requires constant feeding. Also makes a lot of noise. I call it “boy” but my wife likes to call him by his given name. Almost more trouble than it’s worth.

  3. Chris says:

    Where does the water used for hydraulic power go?


  4. Kelly says:

    Good question. I would guess it goes down the hose, but that poses a problem if you use a quick connector on your hose end since it shuts off the flow when not connected to something. Otherwise, I guess it drains out near the reel, which is a mudpit waiting to happen.

  5. Michael says:

    Working for a pool company, I’ve become something of a garden hose aficionado. These things are alright, but really kind of silly. They wind up rather slowly, and using a manual hose reel isn’t a particularly difficult thing, especially the type that have a guide on it to move the hose back and forth.

    The water that powers this reel comes out of a short piece of hose on the reel itself (the beige one of the lower left of the reel in the picture). So in addition to what I am sure is a larger price, it wastes water too, though probably not a lot of it.

  6. kif says:

    Another Sky Mall type answer for an unasked question. If it doesn’t waste a lot of water, it must have some well machined and geared apparatus, but I doubt it. I don’t understand hose reels in the first place, and a water powered one seems even more unnecessary. If you can’t properly pick up a hose, air-hose or extension-cord, you lack the cardinal trait of a real tool guy. If you can find it in your heart to love this thing, post a video of it pulling 150 feet of hose (probably weighted with water, if it doesn’t have a way to break the seal) through the resistance of a mild grade (any well built house will be at a higher level than the outer perimeter of the yard) and the resistance of grass. For bonus points, demonstrate how it continues to work after the dog has jumped on the hose.

  7. kif says:

    Oh, I forgot to add: Working for the government, I have become somewhat of a bs aficionado!

  8. kif says:

    I take it back. Its great! Looks like it is built to last; all those plastic parts will handle that vibration, especially on fast mode. And I think that loud ‘crack’ when the hose hit the stop was all that was needed to sell me. Yessir, that dog will hunt, whippin’ that hose around like its nothin’. I know it will at least outlast that window it’s mounted right next to – the one that appeared to take a hit off-camera! This thing is probably going places, like the CPSC! Seriously, I would like to see a category for this stuff, maybe gimmickmonger.

  9. Eric Dykstra says:

    well you did ask.

  10. Bob TDG says:

    Arr… Eric makes a good case… it’s talk like a pirate day matey…

    though I’d still be liking to see where the beige hose goes, and how much water it uses

  11. Eric Dykstra says:

    Talk like a pirate day isn’t until September 19! Today is National High Five Day.


    woo, up high!

  12. MarkH says:

    I have one… it’s great and I love it!

    Our house is on a big slope, 27 steps up. We’ve got it on the landing at step 22 (near the top). I will pull the hose out of the reel and down the steps to water, and when I’m done I’ll let the unit reel in the 100 foot 5/8 inch hose.

    When you activate the mechanism, water is diverted away from the hose into the drive mechanism, and out the side through a drain hose. I put the drain hose into one of our bushes.

    I got it in the summer of 2002, and it’s been working well with near daily use during watering season.

  13. Red says:

    I have one too. Harley accident dicked me up pretty good, so hauling that hose back is not a simple thing. Despite all the whining above by people who don’t own the damn thing, I do and it works. The drain hose extends 5-6 feet away roughly so you water a little piece of your lawn there while the hose retracts. When the end comes near, you just flip the lever and turn the water off. And no, it doesn’t come whipping back in fast enough to make a “loud ‘crack’ when the hose hit the stop”. It just rolls back in. And FYI, though no one mentioned it above, I have two hoses screwed together, and it even handles the joint without problems, coils it up just like the rest of the hose.

  14. Peter B says:

    I had one of these for a while. They are pretty slow and make quite a mud mess with the water coming out of the third hose. Also, they are pretty weak and won’t pull the hose around obstacles. Get a metal reel with a rotating knob on it instead – much faster, neater, and hardly a lot of exercise.

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