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Lightweight Adjustable Wrench

Garrett Wade sells a crescent wrench that’s been stripped down to its skeleton — all excess metal has been whittled away to leave a wrench they claim is 20% lighter than similar sized wrenches but still maintains 100% of its strength.

Made by one of Japan’s best-known professional toolmakers — if anybody knows who that is, let us know in the comments — these lightweight adjustable wrenches come in 8″ and 10″ versions.

Right now Garrett Wade is discounting each wrench by $10 — that puts the 8″ wrench at $20 and the 10″ wrench at $30. In situations where every ounce counts, these might come in handy.

Lightweight Adjustable Wrench [Garrett Wade]


8 Responses to Skele-Wrench?

  1. Andrew says:

    Nice. My frustration with most crescent wrenches is that they don’t hold the jaw spacing very well either because of too much play in the screw thread or the adjuster turns too easily and gets bumped and moved while I am working with it. Does anyone know if this or any other brand is good in that regard?

  2. Barri says:

    I have used many wrench tools being a plumber in the UK and the US and the best i have used so far has been the bahco range. No play at all and they have lasted me 4 years of abuse and still work as good as new.

  3. Fred says:

    Re Barri Says:

    Have you seen any difference in the Bahco line since Snap-on acquired them in 1999?
    Snap-on had also acquired Williams – who’s line was aimed at industrial users – more than auto mechanics.
    As a plumber in the US we don’t get to see much of the European tools but

    I have a pair of wrenches that look like some WIHA’s that Toolmonger recently posted. Mine bear the Sandvik (Bahco) name (numbers 1420 and 1410) and say that they were made in Sweden. I’m not sure where we got them – but we have lots of plumbing tools that we use – and some like these that we might use if we knew their special purpose.
    I googled the Sandvik 1420 and got this site:


    I’m still curious if these get musch use in Europe.

  4. Dan Kitchen says:

    Reading Andrew’s comment reminded me of a crescent wrench I got to borrow off of someone on a jobsite for a day. It functioned and looked like a standard crescent wrench, but it had a little slider catch that would lock the screw on the wrench. It locked the jaw at the setting you had it, and even locked it up enough to remove any backlash. I’ve been looking for one like it, but I can’t find any. All I know was it was an older wrench the guy had found in antique auction or something. Anyway have any ideas?

  5. Dan Wood says:

    If you are looking for Bahco tools, I think you can get them through 7 Corners Ace Hardware in St. Paul. Actually I think you can get anything there. If you’re in St. Paul (how i miss you, home) its worth a look, or google it.

  6. Chris says:

    This is a product from Keiba–they started the “lightool” trend in Japan.


  7. kenny says:

    Original is Asahi. Asahi doing OEM for Keiba. That kind of tools are called
    Light tool, also include many kind of tools like normal wrench.

  8. Chris says:

    Do u still make the wrench that’s on the picture with the U bolt

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