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Boa Versa Saw

Sometimes a hacksaw just won’t cut it — it can be too large to fit into small spaces. For confined spaces you could use a blade holder with a naked hacksaw blade, but it’s difficult to keep the unsupported blade from bending. To solve this problem, Headway Innovations designed the Boa Versa Saw. The Versa Saw incorporates into the handle a spring-loaded sliding frame that supports the hacksaw blade close to the cut.

The Versa Saw accepts any 10″ or 12″ hacksaw blade, and you can get it with a plastic or an aluminum frame.

Plastic and Aluminum Versions

Look to spend about $14 on the plastic version of the Boa Versa Saw. The aluminum version is twice the price at $28, but if you use this tool a lot the extra durability might be worth the price difference.

Boa Versa Saw [Headway Innovations]
Boa Versa Saw [Garrett Wade]
Plastic Frame Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Aluminum Frame Via Amazon [What’s This?]


2 Responses to Boa Versa Saw

  1. Delmar Jack says:

    Hi; I live in Strathclair, Manitoba, Canada. Is there any possible way i can buy a BOA Aluminum Versa Saw item 16004 I tried internet, but they will not ship to Canada. Thanks; Delmar

  2. Richard says:

    Lee Valley was selling these earlier this year. Try their website (leevalley.ca)

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