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Composite Picture of the Knipex Raptor

The upper jaw on these pliers looks like the beak of a bird of prey — it’s not hard to see why Knipex calls the pliers Raptors. As you squeeze the Raptor’s handles the jaws remain parallel, which allows them to grip hex bolt heads and nuts sized 3/8″ through 1-1/4″ perfectly, without rounding. Since the pliers grab the flat sides, they work especially well on fasteners with rounded edges.

You can easily adjust these 10″ pliers to one of fifteen positions, with the push of a button. Then you squeeze the handles to make the the final size adjustment. This design allows you to quickly tighten and loosen fasteners by releasing the handles and repositioning the pliers.

Knipex manufactures the Raptor from chrome vanadium electric steel, tempered and oil-hardened for durability. A non-slip plastic coats the handles, and a guard prevents fingers from getting pinched.

At $30 a pair, Knipex’s Raptor pliers may be an affordable substitute for a drawer full of wrenches.

Raptor Pliers
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4 Responses to Knipex Raptor Pliers

  1. Fred says:

    Like many Knipex pliers, these are great tools. We carry one on each of our plumbing trucks. While we also use J3800 series Proto ratcheting flare-nut wrenches – these pliers are just as often reached for to tighten fittings.

    They cost about $25 at ChadsToolbox

  2. eschoendorff says:

    While I wouldn’t say that they will take the place of wrenches, I will comment on Knipex qulity. First rate tools by anyone’s standards.

    The Channellock Nutbuster line offers a slightly less expensive, made-in-USA alternative to these Knipex Raptors. I have a set of the Nutbusters and they are mean!

  3. Old Donn says:

    No question about Knipex quality. I’ve got a Nutbuster, will get one of these and compare them side by each. The jaws of this one look a little smaller than the Nutbuster. We’ll see…….

  4. Fred says:

    Re eschoendorff Says:

    Channelock nutbusters are fine tools – but have teeth that help them grip but also mark up fittings. Flare wrenches and these raptors don’t.

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