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Joe’s Sticky Stuff is exactly what it sounds like — it’s sticky, and as anyone can plainly see it’s a physical object in the universe we occupy, so it does indeed qualify as stuff.  It adheres very aggressively to materials such as paper, laminated plastics, plastic sheeting, and certain wallpapers, but it differs from other sticky stuff because you can remove it easily just by pulling on it the right way.  Though it’s more commonly known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, we have to go with Joe on this one and say Sticky Stuff has a better ring to it.

To apply it to a surface, tear off the desired length, press the exposed tape onto your project’s surface, and peel off the backing paper.  When you’re ready to remove the stuff, don’t pull straight up — you need to pull out and back, and the adhesive will come right out. The website advises you to leave a little of the tape showing at the edge of your project, to give you a “handle” to pull on for removal.

Street pricing starts around $17.

Joe’s Sticky Stuff [Official Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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