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Card Level

Ebisu Diamond’s card level isn’t so much a “wow that’s so cool!” tool — it’s more of a “that’s pretty neat” tool. The 6mm thick, credit-card size level incorporates level, plumb, 60° and 45° slope, and 1 and 2 percent grade measurements into a single bubble vial. ED makes the card level from precisely machined acrylic, so it’s nearly indestructible.

Made in Japan and seemingly only available in Europe, if you can find the Ebisu Diamond card level it’ll cost you around 9 Euros. At today’s conversion rate, that’s a little over $14 — of course, you’ll have to factor in shipping across the big pond, if you happen to be in North America.

Card Level [Dieter Schmid]
Card Level [Dick Fine Tools]


3 Responses to Six-In-One Card Level

  1. Lew says:

    Lee Valley has them for $9.


    If the link does not work, search for Item #: 45K01.15

  2. Lew,

    Thanks for the link. I searched thoroughly but yet I neglected to go to an old standby — Lee Valley.

  3. Tom Jackson says:

    What you need is a circular fluid-filled window with a little bead floating in it, surrounded by a protractor whose angle markings extend all the way in to the edge of the window. Then you could measure any angle, not just the common ones.

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