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Irwin Versa-link Tie Downs

Whether you need to secure a load, fasten a tarp, or just wrap stuff together, chances are you’ll be needing some tie-downs. If you’re like me, you already own a bunch of these things in all different lengths — and they’re probably all stuck together in one giant, tangled knot. The Versa-Link adjustable tie-down helps out with tie-down clutter, by eliminating the need for multiple lengths.

The rubber strap features an anchoring slot every two inches or so — if the strap’s too long, just double it up and attach the end hook somewhere in the middle. This design also allows you to adjust the tension — if you need more or less tension, simply attach the hook to another position on the strap. The slots are large enough, you can fit 1″ webbing through them, if the application requires.

The Versa-Link comes in two lengths, 24″ and 34″, both with a tensile strength of 1,400 PSI. Street pricing is reasonable at $2 and $2.50 respectively.

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Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


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