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Stanley MaxDrive

The other day at my local hardware store, I ran across a Stanley tool I’d never seen before — the Stanley MaxDrive 15-piece Locking-Flex Ratchet System. Apparently Stanley released this tool in April 2006, but we’ve yet to cover it on Toolmonger.

With interchangeable heads you can convert the MaxDrive from a socket driver to a bit driver and back again as easily as changing sockets on a ratchet. The flexible head swings 180° and can be locked into 15 different positions. For about $25, the system comes with the flexible-head handle, a 3/8″ socket driver head, a 1/4″ bit driver head, and 12 driver bits.

The flexible head can reach places other ratchets and bit drivers can’t touch, and you can get a lot of torque on a screw by turning the driver head 90°.  So, is this the next gotta-have tool? Or would you rather carry a separate bit driver and flexible head ratchet in your toolbox? Let us know in the comments.

MaxDrive [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


8 Responses to Hot or Not? Stanley MaxDrive Ratchet System

  1. Rob1855 says:

    Does anyone else miss plain, old fashioned screwdrivers? Seems like everything is a bit driver these days.

  2. Bart'sDad says:

    I find bits to be a pain in the rear quite often. At work I’ve switched from a bit driver to a ratcheting handle that has changeable blades.You can get in tighter places with regular blades and don’t have to fight keeping bits in the driver.

    As far as this this system goes, it would probably work good in an emergency kit in the trunk of the car where space is a premium.

  3. DaveS says:

    (Yep, it’s a comment on something I haven’t actually used – it doesn’t happen often…)

    I used to get along fine with the nut driver handle and adapter found in many socket sets. True, there were times when the extra bulk of the adapter got in the way, and more than once I finished tightening something only to find that I’d left a part or two stuck on the work – or worse, the stack fell apart and parts dropped out of my easy reach. And even when the handle felt puny in my hands, it was enough to get the nut or bolt tight enough to put another tool on the job.

    Then I got to use a real nut driver, and it changed my world. Good sized handles, nothing extra to fit into a tight place or leave behind. Perfect fit too, some even with through shanks that you can fit another wrench onto.

    Since that revelation, I’ve taken the handles and adapters out of all my socket sets – I just can’t imagine going back. At most I’ll toss one into a go-bag when I’m headed into an unknown situation, but only if space is truly limited and I don’t want to take the real things. And I frequently carry my tools around on a bicycle, so you know I’m bulk and weight conscious…

    So, what Bart’s Dad said.

  4. PutnamEco says:

    I prefer a different set up. I use an 3/8 square to 1/4 hex adapter on a pivot head ratchet.
    Definitely something I don’t go out of my way to use, but nice to have sitting in the toolbox just in case.

    hex adapter

    pivot head ratchet
    as seen on Toolmonger

  5. Old Donn says:

    Not. Oh Lord, deliver me from multi-tools. Looks good in the store, sounds good on TV. Till you get it home and find out how much it can’t do. Then it winds up in the botom of the toolbox with the Gator Grip and Metrinch set.

  6. eschoendorff says:

    Honestly, I’d MUCH rather have this… and a bit socket. I have this ratchet in 3/8 drive and I cannot wait to get my hands on the 1/4 version. A truly great tool….


  7. Paul says:

    I picked one up at Big Lots for $8. But only because the back of the package shows ratcheting box ends as an accessory. But the part number given for them doesn’t even show up on Stanley’s website. I don’t think they ever produced them. Too bad because ratcheting box ends with flex heads are so expensive.

  8. PutnamEco says:

    I prefer a 3/8 square drive to 1/4 hex adapter with the above mentioned swivel head ratchet for the odd job that I need a flex head for use with a 1/4 bit.

    Swivel head ratchet


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