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Want to see something funny? Get a piece of wood that isn’t one of the normal stocks, give it to a bunch of tool guys, and watch ’em play the “I think that is” game. While very amusing, it won’t get you very far toward actually identifying the wood. The Wood Identification kit can help.

The kit includes fifty 4″ x 9″ veneer samples of most woods you’re likely to run across, from ash to zebrawood. This sweet resource will help you choose woods for future projects, and it’ll allow you to test finishes without burning perfectly good project wood. The included index, which lists species, botanical names, and countries of origin, can help you understand more about the wood and whether you’re likely to find any at the local big box.

It’ll come in handy on exotic or offbeat projects — or when you need to identify all the wood in someone else’s pile to get what you need.

Street pricing starts at about $35.

Wood Identification Kit [Woodcraft]


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  1. Rob Longert says:

    Hey guys, while on the topic of woodworking, I thought you might be interested in checking out Cabot’s revamped website geared towards DIYers and pros.

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