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Lenox 30808-600P 10 Piece Plumbers Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set

Amazon’s offering another deal/steal, this time on the Lenox 10-piece plumber’s hole saw set, for $33 with free shipping. The set includes six bi-metal saws in sizes 3/4″, 7/8″, 1-1/8″, 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″, and 2-1/4″, which are the most common sizes in plumbing applications. It also comes with a plastic case, two arbors, an arbor adapter, and a pilot drill. Lenox welds the high-speed, steel teeth to a spring steel backing — their patented bi-metal technology means a longer life for your saws.

Lenox [Corporate Site]
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6 Responses to Dealmonger: Lenox 10-Piece Plumber’s Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set $33

  1. kimber says:

    Looks like they are priced at $54.76

  2. Fred says:

    This sounds like a good price – but my 12 plumbing crews hardly ever use hole saws. We rely on Milwuakee and Greenlee selfeed bits chucked in Milwaukee Hole Hawgs to drill rafters, joists and studs. On old work – we first do a look for any embedded steel/iron – and if it is impossible to avoid/extract a nail etc. we then might resort to a hole saw.

  3. tooldork says:

    I got $54 bucks….for $45, I’d rather use the Bosch system, which I own.


    It also works with their Carbide cup that goes through just about anything.

  4. Steve Thompson says:

    Is there a trick to getting the $33? Was ready to buy but it looks like $55 as kimber noted.

  5. l_bilyk says:

    I think lenox makes some of the best holesaws… Probably as good as greenlee

  6. Bruce says:

    Bi-metal hole saws makes sense for mild steel, like with strapping or panel boxes, but for any other building material there are terrible, cheap, but terrible. For sheer speed nothing beats the new generation of hole cutters like the Milwaukee Big Hawg, Bosch Mulitpurpose, and Blue Boar Universal hole cutters. I can make a 4-5/8″ hole through OSB using a 18v cordless drill and do so one heck of a lot faster than I could with an old fashioned self-feed bit. The multipurpose, Bosch and Blue Boar hole cutters will not only speed through wood but they cut through fiber cement siding, OSB, Wonderboard, Durock, fiberglass, plaster, and a lot of other materials where a conventional self-feed or bi-metal hole saw are stopped in their tracks. Once you try one of these new hole cutters you will not go back.

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