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Just like your high-school wood shop teacher taught you: the table saw must be respected, because a moment of inattention can lead to a serious injury — unless you’re cutting with a SawStop. The SawStop employs sophisticated electronics to detect the difference between wood, flesh, and, apparently, hot dogs — and it turns what could be a serious injury into a nick or a cut.

When the SawStop detects an errant finger, it engages a mechanical brake that stops the blade in about 1/200th of a second while simultaneously dropping it below the table. The SawStop also features a riving knife, to prevent kickback, and a large, paddle shut-off switch with an integrated lock-out.  You can order this serious machine with a 3, 5, or 7.5 HP motor.

The base price of $2,800 includes a powder-coated cabinet and cast iron table — if you choose options like an upgraded fence and a table extension, the price moves closer to $4,000.

SawStop [Official Site]
Testimonials [SawStop]


7 Responses to SawStop: Safe For Wieners

  1. rick says:

    check out the videos at sawstop.com it is pretty amazing, it even has a disable option so you can cut hotdogs! haha seriously, this is a neat tool, probably way more than the average shop class in highschool can afford, but that would be something I would like to have seen. Our school district made all kids take woodshop, which is a great idea! However, think of some of the ditzy girls and clueless guys, I am surprised there were no accidents (that I saw) other than the occasional piece of wood getting launched across the room by a disksander.


  2. Chris says:

    I am surprised there were no accidents (that I saw) other than the occasional piece of wood getting launched across the room by a disksander.

    Those weren’t accidents 😉


  3. Mr P says:

    If you check out the site you can see there prototype of a band saw and miter saw the also made a circular saw

    I think the one that needs to come out first would be the band saw for the sho but I cant see how it would help the butcher shops who use band saws

  4. Joel Wires says:

    Actually, SawStop recently released their contractor version of their cabinet saw. Fine Woodworking and others, with hot dogs in tow, gave this cool technology another go around, nicking hot dogs in the name of product reviews.

  5. Dan Kitchen says:

    Having been working next to someone who cut most of their thumb away on a table saw , I would say if I would get one these if I could afford one. Even though the person knew very well how to work with the tools, it only took a brief instant to create a horrible injury and a long recovery period. The sight of that alone is enough to make me see the value in this saw.

  6. I am very happy with this saw so far. It is a great upgrade from the 10″ benchtop saw that I have used for the past 10 years. I ordered it from a local supplier. When the saw arrived they loaded the main box into the back of my pick-up truck with a fork lift. I bought the saw with the 30″ table, router-lift and mobile base. I loaded the rest of the boxes and drove home. After unloading everything except the main box, I unloaded it by opening the box and taking everything out part by part and my son and I unloaded the saw.

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