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This may look like another boring joint clamp — in fact, that’s what it is. Crafters can choose from about 50 types of joint clamps to help out when making a box. But this one will clamp boards of any length, which is noteworthy. In fact, it might be worthy of picking up a few.

The clamp can handle anything under 7/8” wide.  Just slip it over the boards and screw the bottom foot down till both ends grab.

Pricing is around $18 for one or $30 for a pair. Not everyone needs these high-dollar, specialized clamps — but the few that do might actually shell out for them without much haggling.

Right Angle Torsion-Box Clamp [Garrett Wade]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


5 Responses to Right Angle Torsion-Box Clamp

  1. Fred says:

    We have used Universal Clamp Company’s #76A clamps (they called them shelving clamps) and their #76 (Face Frame Clamps) for many years now.
    The 76A’s look much like the one pictured here. They work well – but a bit of masking tape on their metal parts help in preventing marking up the wood.

  2. MikeP says:

    Rockler is running a clearance sale right now on a similar clamp, the Jet 90 degree miter clamp:

    I’ve been looking at something like this ever since I finished my last cabinet job. 3 kitchens times 17 cabinets equals a lot of holding two boards in alignment while trying to put in a fastener!

  3. The Jet clamps are on sale for a reason. Mine are gathering dust. They will work with effort for a 90 degree butt joint as is illustrated in their ads, but will make a mess of miters. The top surface of the base is not flat but dished, causing miters not to close up at the bottom, which is hidden from view during the clamp up. They are also bulky and somewhat hard to position with the work. Some minor modifications to the design, and quality control on the manufacturing side, could turn this product into a winner.

  4. james says:


    Kudos, just meandered by. Wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but neat site.

  5. Aman says:

    name all joint plze

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