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See it here before you see it on Ax Men, folks — cutting down trees isn’t as easy as it looks. You know the old “I could’ve caught that” saying while watching football/baseball? Well, you probably couldn’t have. And the same goes for cutting down trees: just when you think you’ve got it, all hell breaks loose.


4 Responses to Doh! How Not To Cut Down A Tree

  1. bifyu says:

    here’s the right way to take down a tree.

  2. Frank Townend says:

    Thanks for the link bifyu, but I’m not sure if my neighbors would be happy if I did it this way. But… I’m not sure they may want to complain.

  3. Sean O'Hara says:

    You know he needs to change out to his brown pants.

  4. keith says:

    While I’m not a lumberjack, I’m not sure what this guy did was unintentional. It looks like he finished his cut, stopped the saw, and hung on like he knew the jolt was coming.

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