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Just because you want the protection of steel toe shoes doesn’t mean you have to tromp around in clod-hoppers that look like they belong on a jobsite.  A friend recently turned us on to the Steel Toe Shoes website. They feature all kinds of steel toe hotness, without the work boot vibe.

It’s not that the work boot thing is bad in any way — but some people prefer not to advertise their toe protection at a distance of twenty feet. We hear reports that STS ships quickly and offers a wide line of everything from sneakers to tactical boots in the sturdy, steel style. They aren’t the cheapest around, but the selection might be worth it if you’re in the market and can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere.

Steel Toe Shoes [Website]


3 Responses to Steel Toes Don’t Have To Look Clunky

  1. Andy says:

    I’ve been buying Skechers steel toes directly from Skechers stores in NYC/Queens for the last couple years. Steel toes that look like running shoes, can’t beat ’em. And pretty comfortable, too. Although I will say that my second pair seemed to wear out a lot faster than my first did, not sure if QC was slipping, I got a bum pair, or I just was harder on them.


  2. Andy says:

    I forgot to add, they also were a bit cheaper than what I’m seeing on the STS site, IIRC they were around $70 or so.

  3. Hamilton says:

    I am sorely, sorely disappointed Converse doesn’t make a pair of steel toed Chuck Taylor’s. that would have been five or six types of awesome.

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