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These stainless steel pots, normally used for rice and Asian food, make completely sweet containers for storing fasteners and washers or perhaps a variety of different colored furniture waxes, one in each pot. Each level measures approximately 5-1/4″ in diameter and 2″ deep — and they’re sturdy to boot.

Though it’s a great idea, the cost seems a little high. Even on sale at Garrett Wade, the set runs around $90. While we dig their pro-grade food-service style, a trip to the local housewares store might net you about the same number of containers, for much less than this.

Four-Level Stainless Steel Stackable Pots [Garrett Wade]


2 Responses to Pots And Pans Can Serve In The Shop

  1. Lorin says:

    These boxes are called Tiffin boxes. Best place to look is an Indian imports store, where you could pay less than $10 for 2. (I was amazed to see an $80 price tag on tiffins).

    Also, a search for tiffin on the web reveals many options, like above. There are some nice looking rugged ones made by zebra: http://store.sundogoutfitter.com/Cookware/Stainless%20Steel/Tiffin%20Food%20Boxes/

    They really are good for food too!

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