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As if you weren’t already getting great bang-for-your-buck from your Ryobi tools — now they’re offering reconditioned tools through their official web distributor, at about 30% off retail prices. I’ve purchased a few items from them, and they were all in like-new condition. The only thing distinguishing these from brand-new is the “RECON” branding somewhere on the tool. They even carry a one year warranty.

If you have the One+ system, you can pick up some very nice additions for cheap, like the 18V angle grinder for $28 — nice!

Reconditioned Ryobi Tools [Gardner Inc.]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Reconditioned Ryobi Tools

  1. Steve French says:

    Thanks for the link, but where is the review of the Danish Oil you mentioned in the last podcast? I’ve got a strong craving to use that on something and would love more information about the product.

  2. Shannon says:

    Thanks for posting this. I just bought a reconditioned Ryobi drill for my husband and was starting to have buyers remorse wondering if I made the right decision. I searched for reviews and yours was the only one I found. You made me feel a little better! 🙂

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