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When firemen or other rescue personnel need to get inside a structure, every second counts. The Inforcer rescue training aide provides valuable practice in breaching all kinds of doors and lock configurations. Finding doors that can be cut, pried, or otherwise abused can be tough for your local fire department, so the Inforcer’s replaceable locks, hinges, and padlock loops make multiple training runs a lot easier to perform.

Firefighters designed the Inforcer to be a durable analog to real-life door-breaching situations.  Rescue workers can practice inward and outward swinging door breaching, as well as hinge cutting, drop bolt cutting, and padlock removal.  They can easily replace consumables like drop bolts and hinges, and then they’re ready for another go at it.

The $7,000 buys your local firehouse a complete system, along with uncrating, setup, and training by a representative of the manufacturer.

The Inforcer [Official Site]


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