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When we first saw pictures of this insane boat, we thought someone was having a good time with us in Photoshop. That’s not the case — it’s the work of Livio De Marchi and his fine woodcarving skills. This really is a life-sized wooden boat, shaped like a Ferrari F50.

This guy’s boat kind of puts to shame the feeble projects most guys attempt in their daily shop-time — but we can’t help but think that the wooden seats could have a bit more cushion on ’em. Then again, nitpicking this thing is a little like telling Da Vinci he should’ve gone a different way with the Mona Lisa.

Wooden Ferrari Boat [Livio De Marchi]


3 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Carved Wooden Boat

  1. mike says:

    How does this put to shame things that aren’t retarded?

  2. ron says:

    i’ve seen this ferrari, but it’s not a boat, it’s just a wood carved ferrari that used to be on display at the venetian casino in las vegas. i think that they payed something retarded like 3.5 miliion dollars for it. I guess they didn’t know that you could have bought a new one for about a tenth of that at the time that actually moves under it own power lol. either way it was pretty cool, but a little pricey for a wood statue.

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