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TM reader and photo pool member Litcritter was kind enough to post this photo of his work space. He notes: “I was waiting until the workshop was clean before taking a pic to put online, but I think it’s time to face facts: I can have a clean workshop, or I can get stuff done. ”  We say a messy shop indicates you’re in it — and a productive shop is almost always better than a clean one.

We love how his work area looks scattered but in progress. It’s full of nice touches like old-school metal lockers and a wood rack set way up high across the back wall. We definitely covet the wood rack, Litcritter — nice work!

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


2 Responses to Reader Shop: Litcritter’s Workshop

  1. Litcritter says:

    Thanks. I wish I could claim credit for the wood rack, but that was a legacy from the previous owner, also a woodworker. I did make some alterations, though, to make it fit my needs.

    If only I could have talked him into leaving his stash…

  2. PaulS. says:

    I don’t mean to be critical but this shop looks like it could use a little more lighting. Also, just painting the ceiling white will help significantly to lighten the workspace. I realize it’s probably too much to pull down everything from the walls and paint them too, my shop is the same in that regard.

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