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Furniture builders cringe at the sight of gaping holes in the fascia of their latest wooden creation — but a few cheap, readily available, hardwood plugs can fix those holes up with almost no hassle.

Tons of retailers carry these plugs in various popular hardwoods, from oak to cherry, and in several styles. Whether you choose a classic, rounded screw plug or an insert-type plug, it’ll leave little trace that anything’s there. Some woodcrafters even stain them in a contrasting color, for a stunning overall effect.

However you use ’em, it’s a good bet the $2 you lay down on a set of 25 plugs will net you some sweet looking screw covers, without you having to turn them out yourself — so you can get back to more important parts of the project.

Oak Furniture Plugs [McFeely’s]
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4 Responses to Hardwood Furniture Plugs

  1. Vody says:

    HA HA! That’s too funny! I just bought a couple bags of plugs last night! I have a project where I’ve been countersinking tons of screws into 3/4″ birch plywood.

    Too much work, I know, but what I did was glued the plugs into the holes, took matching plywood scrap and peeled off the top layer. Carved the thin birch layer into circles, sanded down the plugs with the dremel, glued the birch layer onto the plugs.

    I’m going to sand it all down tonight and see how it looks.

  2. Vody says:

    Oh, forgot to add. They were flat plugs, not the rounded kind in the picture above.

  3. Tom says:

    I usually just use a plug cutter and cut them out of scrap from whatever project I am working on that way they match really well. I also like doing contrasting plugs for some added flair.

  4. Vody says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a plug cutter. Couldn’t find one at the store either. This was pretty cheap.

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