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Bits Driver Bit Caddy

With the Bitz Driver bit caddy, you no longer need to go insane wondering where the hell you just put that bit you were using. Peel the protective cover from its adhesive back and slap this baby on your drill, and never waste time searching for bits again. Instead, they’ll be sitting in one of the four holes of the driver caddy, ready to go.

At a buck seventy-five, you only have your insanity to lose.

Bitz Driver Bit Caddy [McFeely’s]


3 Responses to Driver Bit Caddy 4, Insanity 0

  1. Roscoe says:

    McFeely’s sent me a bunch of these with my last order, but they’re just neoprene, and stretch out in a week or two. Once they stretch, you lose bits all over the place. No thanks.

  2. Jim K. says:

    I’ve not used this exact one, but the other problem I’ve seen is that with one of these on the side of your drill it might not fit in it’s hard case any more. Not really a problem for me as mines never been back into it’s hard case since I bought it, but figured I’d mention it for others.

  3. johnnysac says:

    Buck seventy five, glad I grabbed a handful when they were 99 cents at my local hardware store.

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