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Black & Decker issued a recall on its CMM1000 24V cordless electric lawn mower about two years ago — not a recent recall, but it’s still in effect. Last summer, I found one of these mowers on the side of the road with a sign on it that said ‘Free’. After taking it home, I couldn’t get it to work and figured that’s why it was on the side of the road. While searching for a user’s manual on B&D’s website, I came across this recall. I called up Black & Decker, and sure enough, my model was covered.

The recall involves mowers labeled TYPE 1 through TYPE 4. If you have a TYPE 5 mower you’re already in the clear. According to Black & Decker, “an electrical component can overheat, damaging the lawnmower, and it poses a possibility of a fire hazard. If your mower is included, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY and call 1-866-229-5570.” You can call them anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, to arrange for a free repair.

I my case, I drove my mower to B&D’s repair facility about ten miles away. They repaired the (now working) mower and even threw in the missing plastic key for free. If you don’t live near a B&D repair facility, they’ll send you a prepaid box so you can ship it in for repair. In some cases, I’ve even heard of Black & Decker returning a brand new mower — but don’t get your hopes up like I did.

CM1000 Recall [Black and Decker]
Recall Page [Black and Decker]


35 Responses to Black And Decker CMM1000 Mower Recall

  1. Jason says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting one of these. How do you like it?

  2. Fred B says:

    A coworker turned in one to local B&D service center, said a few days later, he found UPS had left a large Box on the porch, B&D had replaced the mower.

    He said it’s good if you have a normal size lawn, bigger lawns the battery run down before you are done.

  3. rob.j. says:

    i have one of those mowers and the battery has several large cracks on top. do you suppose the recall has something to do with it? thanks. got it at a garage sell.

  4. krk says:

    Thanks! I have one of these that stopped working and it gets HOT as blazes when you hook up the charger! I didn’t know about the recall until now. Thank you for posting it. I’ll take the mower to a B&D dealer tonight!

  5. I am an eco-researcher and have stumbled across the CMM1200 cordless mower. I really like the mower and feel that it can be used on

    almost any yard now.

    We should all do our part to save the enviroment and encourage the growth of the solar and wind power industries. Cordless electric lawn

    mowers go a long ways towards these goals. I recently purchased the Black & Decker Cordless Electric Lawnmower the CMM1200. In the

    review I describe how to upgrade the mower to mow over 9,000 SQFT! I hope my review will help you make a decision about our future.


    • Joe says:

      Reuben…Never understood the Green Folks…so we use electric lawnmowers & electric cars. The batteries last maybe 5 years if you are lucky, however, the batteries are considered hazardous materials. The AC power used to recharge the batteries comes from either dirty coal or a radioactive nuclear plant. How can Green Folks be better custodians of the environment when they are just as dirty as the rest of us, if not more so??? Just sayin….

      • Kckid says:

        Just take the batteries into an approved battery recycling center, they can be refurbished and reused. My city does this.

      • eas says:

        Joe, your difficulty in understanding “Green Folks” probably has at least as much to do with you as them.

        For example, the batteries last a longer than you think. My mower is ~17 years old, and its only in the past year or two that I noticed the batteries declining. Once I replace them, the old ones will go to battery recycling, and they’ll recover the lead.

        Similarly, the batteries in a lot of hybrids are still going strong after 10-15 years, and , while there have been some growing pains, the all-electric cars now should be similarly durable.

        As for the generation of AC power. For one thing, you forget that there are many markets where hydro power (though it has its own environmental costs) is a major source. Coal and nuclear are in decline. They are being replaced by “greener” natural gas, and renewable solar and wind.

        Moreover, big power plants use secondary and tertiary heat recovery in order to achieve every-day efficiencies about double what an internal combustion engine can reach under optimal conditions. Electrical transmission is also highly efficient, as is battery charging/discharging, and the electric motors themselves are 90% efficient. So, the operation of electric vehicles is responsible for fewer emissions.

        For along time, rechargeable battery tech was advanced by revenue from portable consumer electronics. The people behind Tesla realized that would soon make high-end electric cars economically viable, and keep going down-market. Now, electric vehicles are, increasingly, taking the lead in driving improvements to battery tech to the point that Lithium Ion batteries are becoming practical and economically viable for large-scale, stationary, grid-attatched energy storage. This compliments solar and wind power, increasing their viability by storing excess power and delivering it at times of peak demand. The scale of these stationary batteries means that they soon will soon be an important economic engine for driving further improvements.

        One reason people buy green tech is that they believe, correctly, that doing so helps drive economies of scale which make “green” power more efficient, affordable and competitive against fossil fuels.

        So claiming that “green folks” are just as dirty as you sounds like a really flimsy excuse for your own choices. It’s a bit like saying you can crap wherever you want and not clean it up because everyone poops. Just sayin…

        • Eric says:

          I’ve noticed ppl like Joe are either unaware of or not willing to acknowledge the transitional period of moving from internal combustion to electric. There will be many years when both are in use. An all electric / solar / wind / hydrogen fuel cell economy will have to stand upon the shoulders of our Oil based economy. That is, for now, during the transition.

  6. Jeff says:

    I also have the cmm1000. Bought it in 2005. Great mower! Then I found out about this recall from this site. Thanks! I brought it into my authorized B&D repair shop three week ago and just picked it up today. To my surprise, they pretty much gutted everything and rebuild it to the cmm1200 model. It now looks identical to a cmm1200 even with a new sticker that says cmm1200. Even better, I opened up the mover and they replaced the battery!!! Wow I pretty much just got a new mower for free.

    Thanks B&D!

    • Ron says:

      Hi Jeff I’m really hoping u can help me I recently bought a new gas powered Toro mower, so I no longer need my cmm 1000. I tried to get a refund from the original sell to me and despite the strict recall laws saying they have to take it back even without the receipt. So that’s where I’m at do you have you receipt for your mower still? They been treating me and my elderly mother like garbage. We just want our money back. If you do, name your price. Thanks. You can call me @9168890047

  7. john says:

    i also have a cm1000 but it is a type 5, the problem is every time i hit a thicker patch of grass it dies on me and i have to wait for it to reset itself, any suggestions!


    • eas says:

      I had a similar problem. I finally figured out that the thermal cut-off switch had become overly sensitive. I replaced it and things worked again, at least until my batteries started failing.

  8. sue boyd says:

    I have the cmm1000 type 5 & having trouble. Just out of warranty of course. I thought the batteries needed replaced(wrong) after 2 years as it doesn’t hold the charge & runs out of power in about 10 minutes. The nearest service center is quite a ways away & the expense isn’t feasible. The problems must be in the electronic board in the top of the mower. Any suggestions?

  9. Big Tom from Georgia says:

    Owned 2 Black&Decker mowers. Have been satisfied with both. Our CMM1000 was purchased back in 1999. Had to have battery replaced because I forget to replug it one winter. This year, 2009, it was about on it’s last leg. I had alot of duct tape bandages on it. Did some wheel maintenance. The back ground flap was wore out. And it just didn’t carry much of a charge.

    Took it to B&D’s Dewalt Service Center for recall. It was returned and looked good. About the only thing they didn’t replace was the lower deck, motor, and tires. It had been transformed into the CMM1200.

    This mower is great for smaller yards. No gas, oil, air filters, and NO NOISE to speak of. Catches grass well and mulches if you want. EZ deck height adjustment too. Can mow on Sunday mornings and not offend anyone (live in the bible belt) Aaahaha.

  10. Ken says:

    Anyone who ownes a cmm1000 type 4 electric lawnmower that is unfixable want to sell me the grass bag? I live in Sacramento, Callifornia. Please reply ASAP.

    Thank you everyone,


    • Ron says:

      I got a near New mower bag off my cmm1000 it’s yours if the offer is sweet enough. I to live in sacramento. You can come get it today. Call me at 9168890047

  11. Mark Widmer says:

    Brad, if you still need the manual, there is a downloadable PDF of it at Amazon:


  12. K M Bach says:

    Glad I saw this–We have a mower that has been used very little as it was in storage while we lived in Phoenix,AZ. We now are back here and I went online to try to retrieve an owners manual for it. I luckily found your Blog and called Black & Decker who,because we live in such a rural area are shipping me a box to UPS the mower to them for the necessary repair to the electrical system–THANKS!

  13. Dwaine says:

    It’s 1:20am, I had to go out to the shed to see what type I have; it’s type 4. I thought it had to be, one of those. I bought it new in about 99, and I’ve had to replace parts to two wheels, I repaired the on/off switch under the hood, I repaired the handle bar that broke at the inside mount, and yesterday I had to jerry-rig the otherside of the handle bar because that side is now broken, and I’ve had the same start and stop and overheating problems, and it’s always only had enough power to mow half my normal size lawn. Yet I wouldn’t trade it for a “smelly” gas powered mower. Wish me luck with the recall! Also, I never use my bag, so I’ll be calling Ken if he still needs one.

  14. ColdH2Odvr says:

    Thanks for the link to the recall. I’ll call on Monday to see what the deal is. I found this blog AFTER ordering a new set of batteries (2 EB20-12 @ $57 ea) from DigiKey. If B&D does repair the mower with a new set of batteries included I’ll install a plug so I can swap battery packs. Been a great little mower so far!

  15. karen says:

    I just saw this recall last week while researching how to buy a new battery and trying to decide if it’s really worth it, or just get a new mower. My battery barely stays charged for 15 minutes, has been getting shorter each year. Think I’ve had it 5-6 seasons?? Bought it for $150 off a friend who won it and didn’t need it. Called B and D last Monday and was told the boxes for shipping it back are on backorder by about 3 weeks, and that they would only fix the recall problem. If they saw other problems, they would call and tell me price to repair (well, I already know the battery is basically shot!). The charger connection piece is also loose (on the end of the wire) and more than once we’ve had to open the top of the mower to realign a plastic piece to get it to start when you press the starter switch. SO…….I’m hoping to be one of the lucky ones to have a new mower show up (not holding my breath). Otherwise, at about $130 for a new battery and another $40 for a new charger, not sure I should be dumping and $$ into this given the other known issues.

  16. helen says:

    Hey Dwaine – my cmm1000 handles have broken way down inside the housing on both sides, too. Would you please share your tricks for fixing them? Thanks.

  17. Paul P says:

    It’s a very heavy mower! I ordered mine online and when the UPS man said, “This is heavy!” I knew I was not going to be thrilled, as I have to lug it up a dozen stairs from the basement. It has to be kept inside and recharged all year. A neighbor just replaced her battery for about $130…and it has to be taken to a dealer to have that done. Today, while mowing, the orange handle snapped and now the darn thing won’t work at all. I’m going to hunt for a lighter mower since my lawn is not big.

  18. Claire says:

    I purchased my mower over 10 years ago and always liked it. I didnt know about the recall until today and am going to call Black & Decker since I have the Type 3. I wonder if thats why my B&D snowblower and a B&D weedwacker both ended up being fried when I plugged them into the same outlet that the lawn mower was fully charged to.

    This is the first year that it starts to run out after only 10 minutes of running time as I still have the original battery, so I need to replace that. Its been a good mower for all the years I’ve had it. I was so happy to get away from a gas mower.

  19. Edd says:

    UPDATE!! JUNE 2010 : Here’s a fresh tip for those of you that still have mowers subject to the recall: HAVE B&D PICK IT FROM YOUR HOUSE VIA FREIGHT AND RETURN IT TO YOU. THEY PAY the associated costs and might very well just send you a new mower (as described in these posts)– rather than fix and pay return freight on your old one. (The repair facility might be too far away, you don’t have transportation, the mower is too heavy/bulky to transport in your car, etc, etc.—there’s plenty of reasons to not lug this mower beyond your driveway.)

    I took mine to my “authorized repair facility” at 70 minutes travel one-way. Waited 2 weeks for it and drove back to pick it up. They simply swapped out the top black-plastic housing, added a handle charger– and pasted “CMM1200” stickers all over the unit. NOTHING else was done. It even has the original batteries from when I bought it new several years ago. The “authorized repair facility” person also handed me a new-in-plastic CMM1200 owner’s manual which states that the unit is under warranty–which it IS NOT. I asked what specific recall repairs were made, and was told it was just recall work from B&D.

    And so…I called B&D and asked about the CMM1200 manual I received and its stated warranty. I was told the information doesn’t apply to the batteries of a recalled CMM1000. So…. I asked B&D what, specifically, the recall repairs consist of.
    I was told (by email) to contact the repair facility. (?!)

    Draw your own conclusions, folks.

  20. m6onz5a says:

    I just picked up a free CMM1000. It would cut off after a very short time of using it. When I took the cover off and felt all of the electronic components the circuit breaker was very hot. I purchased a replacement breaker for $6 at the local auto parts, and she’s been fine ever since. I just cut my whole front yard on a lower deck setting and it worked great.

    • Reid says:

      Ok my mower cuts off like this. I wish you would let us know which component is the circuit breaker!?! If anyone knows please post.

  21. robert schmidt says:

    WARNING—-GARAGE FIRE—- I brought the rechargeable lawn mower into the factory service center for a recall repair. The repair was done and they sold me a new battery. I plugged it in to recharge the battery this Winter and within 2 hours it caused a huge fire that started in the garage and destroyed my home. I have lost everything I owned because I plugged in a rechargeable lawn mower. IF YOU HAVE ONE OF THESE MOWERS THROW IT AWAY OR GET A NEW ONE… DON”T TRUST THE RECALL PROCESS. I DID AND IT COST ME EVERYTHING.

  22. Andre says:

    Wish my experience was good. I had my mower worked on for the recall, but the battery never seemed to hold a charge after that. Had it checked at the same repair facility, and they said it was fine. I’m guessing they did not actually try to mow grass with it. I would love to replace the batteries, but I’m not sure that would help.

  23. happymower says:

    I had the CMM1000 for 4 years and it ran fine. Then I lost my safety key. When I looked for a replacement key on the web, I found the recall notice for CMM1000. I called them and they sent me a post paid return label for UPS. After waiting for the box which was back ordered, I finally shipped it via UPS post paid to a qualified dealer.
    Last week I got the box back on my front porch. When I opened it, they replaced all the electronics and front handle bar w/ safety switch and a new case, which stated that it was a CMM1200 Type 5 with a date code of 2011. I charged it up and mowed the lawn today. It worked like a charm. So thanks to B&D, I now have essentially a new mower! If you have a CMM1000 mower, send it in for the recall.

  24. Ddj says:

    My local service center (near O’Hare) also said they are offering a trade up of $100 off on the CM1936 (36V) mower. So it would be around $299. I think I will probably just get the new switch put on though and get some more use out of this CMM1000 Type5.

  25. Tim says:

    I called B&D at the number above on the 3rd of July and got the box yesterday and the shipping label today july 12th. In the letter they gave me to put in the box forr the service center it says: “Service Center: Please repair the enclosed CMM1000 Cordless Mower in accordance with SB01619”

    Did anyone else get this letter, if so what does SB01619 Mean?


  26. Steve says:

    I bought the CM1200 Type 2. It has performed flawlessly since the first time I used it. Great Mower. Looks like a waited long enough to miss this recall. To think I have plugged it in to charge in my garage (every time) and the CM1000 burned the guy’s house down… Lesson: Charge the mower outside and away from your house. The safety switch broke some time ago. I ordered replacement parts, but just use a needle-nose vice-grip tool to push in the “Switch Link”. I just use leather gloves and hold the “Switch Link” in as I mow. Also, the flap is half-way torn off. I ordered a new flap. Not sure how to replace it, but I will order the manual (thanks to this site). My CM1200 has always mowed my front and back yards completly, after I take it out of the shed for the first time every spring (I charged it before I put it away in the fall). Pretty impressive. Especially reading of all the issues with the CM1000. One of these days I will replace the switch lever interface.

  27. Morris Achtemichuk says:

    This year my battery powered B&D lawn mover was bogging down, even at high wheel setting. So I took the cover off to check the battery voltage. There is two 12V batteries connected in series. One is high at 12.85V and the other is low at 12 volts. When I connected the 24 volt charger I could see smoke or gas coming out of the vent hole on the lower charged battery. So I unplugged the charger before it did any more damage. If the gas built up under the cover I could see an explosion or fire with a spark from a lose connection.
    With vapour coming out of this battery I had to check the fluid or acid level for each cell. I order to do this I had to pry a thin plastic cover off the top which was glued around the edges. I had to be very careful not to splash any spilled acid under the cover, up into my face or clothing. After the thin plastic cover was off, I removed 6 round rubber caps on the cell openings. I looked down each hole with a flash light and I couldn’t see any acid covering the top of the plates. So, I added a far amount of distilled water to each cell on both batteries.
    I kept the batteries in a vertical position on the lawn mower and plugged in the 24 volt charger. After awhile the battery with the low voltage started to boil over, popping off the caps and filling the depression around the holes with acid. I was trying to recondition the batteries and I think this did some good to the lower volt battery. It now keeps a higher voltage. I taped the covers back on over the caps, except for one cap that went missing. I couldn’t lay the batteries back down on the side because the one with the missing cap might leak. So I had to find a safe spot to keep them upright in the lawn mower. I think I did a good job and the top still fits. I checked the batteries after the final charge and there was no leaks. Then I cut the front lawn to wear down the batteries and charge again, for reconditioning. But, was surprised, I cut my lawn three times, lowering it each time and it was still going strong. After this I put the charger back on, to top up the batteries and only the green light came on. Indicating it did not need to be charged. I couldn’t believe this! I’m glad I checked the batteries with the cover off, as I must have been frying this battery with the low level.
    Maybe it will last for a little while longer.

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