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Reader PutnamEco sent us a link to a hammer quiz. Now we don’t claim to be all-out experts on the history of hammers, but we didn’t expect to find so many that we were totally unfamiliar with.

Some of the hammers in the list look odd, some look mean, and some just look flat-out broken, but it’s fun to take a gander and see what kind of stuff is out there — though I’m fairly certain that hammer number 19 is a broken hammer head with a normal one welded to the top of it. In any case, take a look, scratch your head, and be amused.

Hammer 101 [Blogspot]


5 Responses to Stop! Hammer-Time Quiz

  1. Fred says:

    A few of the hammers are pretty common – may still be made.
    #6 looks like the picture framing hammer that was sold by Lee Valley
    #9 is a slate roofer’s hammer. The point for piercing nail holes – the side of the shank for cutting slate.
    #11 looks like a cooper’s tool for pounding in bungs
    #14 is a veneering hammer – the flat top used for squeezing out hyde glue
    #15 just looks to be a bronze or copper mallet – for driving pins
    #17 looks like a shoemaker’s fitting hammer

  2. Dazrin says:

    So my answers were all “hit things”, except for #22 which was “pull things”. Do I win?

    Yikes, I only knew what 3 of them were for. Very cool and educational.

  3. Zathrus says:

    I don’t really see how #20 is supposed to work — the larger claw would keep you from using the small claw in most cases. In the one case it wouldn’t (you can put the material between the claws), you’d just end up ripping the crap out of the opposite side of the material with the large claw.

  4. Chris says:

    Woohoo, I got two right! The brass hammer was sort of obvious, and the square-nail puller was a neat-looking one that I luckily recognised right away.

    The rest of ’em, yeah. How the heck are you supposed to cut granite with that thing?


  5. Rob says:

    Here’s the patent for number 19, the double claw hammer:


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