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We were in a bind last week in the Toolmonger shop. We couldn’t find the stain we wanted anywhere locally, and we needed it pretty bad to get a project done on time. We swallowed hard and ordered online from Woodcraft. In short, we were impressed.

Woodcraft carries a dizzying array of woodworking items, as anyone who checks out their site can plainly see, but we found the uber swift service to be the real star of the show. After selecting our Red Mahogany Danish oil from the website last Thursday, we paid for it and hoped for the best — but feared the worst. Tales of woe about ordering wood supplies from online suppliers haunted us, but only for around ten minutes. That’s about all it took for Woodcraft’s communication system to kick in.

We received conformation of our order by email first. Then after an hour or two we received word that the order was being filled. Early the next day the tracking info arrived in a third email saying that the items were on the way and should be there Monday. Now keep in mind that the day they sent the tracking info was Good Friday, and our order was supposed to magically show up Monday, the day after Easter.

We were actually figuring we’d see our stain sometime around the second week of never, but Monday rolled around and we did indeed receive our stain. We inspected the order and were happy to see that it was correct and also that it was packed so well, an atom bomb couldn’t have damaged it.

It’s not a miracle that someone would provide great service when we were in a tight jam, but it was completely unexpected. Woodworkers will often tell you that ordering random supplies is very similar to mission impossible, but it was great to see someone on top of their game enough to pull us from the fire — even if we created that fire ourselves by not ordering the stain a week sooner.

Woodcraft [Official Website]


5 Responses to Woodcraft Delivers

  1. Frank Townend says:

    Good company. I’m also lucky enough to have a few local locations, each with plenty of stock on hand.

  2. robdew says:

    The non-standard script-only navigation on the woodcraft site keeps me away. As well as the cashiers in the stores badgering you for personal information.

    Good deal on brad point bits though. 🙂

  3. Fred says:

    I stop in from time to time at one of their stores (independently owned and operated) in Towson Maryland – when I’m down that way to visit my daughter. We share the same birthday month – so I usually have a 10% birthday discount card for Woodcraft. I like woodworking as a hobby – even though I do more plumbing and general carpentry as a business.
    When I returned home about 1 week later, I noticed that I had been double charged for an item that was part of a fairly large order. There were multiples on several items that were correct – but not on this item. I called the store – got great service – they applied a credit to my charge card account – and a few weeks later I got a small gift from them with a note apologizing for the error. They sold me on Woodcraft.

  4. Ian says:

    I had a great experience with Woodcraft last year. I ordered a few items and when the box arrived, two of the small parts were missing from it. I called Woodcraft and the lady apologized, recalled my order information, and sent the missing items with the comment that “oh, they must have forgotten to include them in the order.” She did not question whether I had accidently thrown them away and did not in any way imply that I might be dishonest. It was refreshing, especially since it was my first order from them. I was much more impressed that I would have been if they had not made the mistake in the first place.

  5. Jason says:

    That’s great service but Woodcraft is hardly the only place that offers it. I’ve experienced the same type of service from Lee Valley, Craft Supply and others.

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