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I’ll preface this post by pointing out that clearance deals vary from store to store. However, I’ve found Maglite and Nite Ize LED upgrade bulbs on clearance at three separate Targets. These replacements for standard flashlight bulbs shine for tens of thousands of hours, and they last longer than regular bulbs on a given set of batteries.

Maglite designed several versions of their LED upgrade bulb, and each version goes with a flashlight that runs on a specific number and type of battery cells. The Nite Ize versions will work in flashlights that run on two to six cells. I’ll point you to the Candle Power Forums to discover the finer points of each brand.

The official Maglite bulb was selling for $13, about $6 less than the normal price. I bought the Nite Ize version for $7, down from $10. Like I said, your local discount, if any, will likely vary. But you might want to browse a bit, next time you’ve got a few minutes.

LED Upgrade [Maglite]
LED Upgrade [Nite Ize]
Store Locator [Target]


9 Responses to Dealmonger: LED Upgrades On Clearance At Target

  1. T says:

    I got both at different times. I find the official MagLite version is whiter and has a skosh more illumination.

  2. Stuart says:

    “Natural” colored Inova X1s and X3s are on clearance as well, in addition to many bargain-branded flashlights.

  3. Brice says:

    I’ve got a niteize bulb. I wasn’t impressed with the brightness, but the battery life measured in weeks sure is nice.

  4. Trey says:

    I found a FUBAR for $8.50 and a Squirt P4 for $17.48 (in pink).

  5. Jim K. says:

    At my local Target they also had the replacement Halogen lamp for the 2AA minimag on clearance.

  6. KevinB says:

    good find.
    Maglite were a little late to the game with LEDs and then to make matters, made their bulbs convoluted and overpriced, they need to just make a low price universal, 15 bucks for a bulb is just silly.

  7. ToolFreak says:

    The bulbs for AA and D battery maglites, the “2D” LED maglites, and a few other maglite things were all 50% off at my local store last I checked. I hold out for 75% off, though.

  8. Tony says:

    In the power tool aisle look for the Dremel stylus on clearance at Target too, I saw one for $35 (normally $60).

  9. Chadwick Franklin says:


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