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Wiha Narrow Profile Pipe Wrenches

Wiha’s narrow-profile pipe wrenches fit into places a normal pipe wrench couldn’t reach, even after a crash diet. With three different lengths and three different jaw styles, one of these nine wrenches is bound to do the job.

Wiha forges their narrow-profile pipe wrenches from high-quality CV tool steel, and they induction-harden the jaws for durability and long life. Self-clamping, raked, and serrated jaws grab the pipe without slippage and adjust quickly with the rapid-adjust nut.

The 12″, 16″, and 22″ wrenches accommodate 1″, 1-1/2″, and 2″ maximum pipe diameters respectively. The pipe wrenches come in three flavors: a 45° S-jaw, a 45° straight jaw, and a 90° straight jaw.

Precision-made in Germany, these pipe wrenches will run you $60 to $120 depending on the size. You can also buy a set of 12″ pipe wrenches with each type of jaw for $150, or a set of all three sizes of pipe wrench with 90° jaws for $220.

Narrow-Profile Pipe Wrenches [Wiha Quality Tools]
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5 Responses to Where No Pipe Wrench Has Gone Before

  1. tmib_seattle says:

    The handles are an interesting shape. I wonder what the design intent there is. They look a lot like a lot of the tongs that blacksmiths use; the upturned ends on the tongs are intended to hold a ring in place that you can slip over the reins to lock the handles in place. It wouldn’t seem that it would be too common on a set of pipe wrenches, but who knows.

  2. Fred says:

    I have a pair of ones that look like these that bear the Sandvik name (numbers 1420 and 1410) and say that they were made in Sweden. I’m not sure where we got them – but we have lots of plumbing tools that we use – and some like these that we might use if we knew their special purpose.
    I googled the Sandvik 1420 and got this site:


    Maybe I should do some research – with a trip to Sweden – but I’m not sure that the IRS would think that a legitimate business expense.

  3. eschoendorff says:

    Wow, those look badass! I would love to know how well they function for the typical plumber who would need them on a daily basis…

  4. I have seen similar design wrench sold in Thailand super markets but they are made in India and cheap.

    Comparing the Wiha’s narrow-profile pipe wrenches compared to a same size Myark narrow-profile pipe wrench that has also several multi function uses and I can say has a better grip and less damage to pipe also suitable for nuts with out damaging nut flats and the price of only $24.60 instead of the same size Wihas wrench at $60 each

    The Myark wrench also is heavy duty and can have pipe placed over the handle for extra leverage if needed and fits nut in its front jaw from 5/8″ to 2” with a smooth ratcheting action and with pipe in jaw it can fit 6” down to ½” pipe also it has a crocodile wrench at the other handle end for ratcheting smaller rod or nut from 1/4″ to 3/4″.

    Even though Wihas wrenches are made in Germany the quality would be no better than the very high quality finish Myark wrenches that are made in China by the New Zealand inventor who has hands on all development and working manufacturing procedures in China.

    The Myark wrench uses a clip on chain attachment as well as a clip on strap so no teeth are needed on the top jaw to grab pipe also all the parts are replaceable and maintainable.

    More can be seen of the first proto type pictures of the Myark wrench on

  5. Mike Meade says:

    I have been looking for a pair like these for ages and I came across this page, they look good and look like they do the job their meant to do but doing a bit of Googling I found another similar pair here:

    There not cheap adn tacky ones as I think bahco is a good make and have a lot of bahco tools, these are only £45 ($75) and is the larger 430mm ones. The smaller ones are cheaper, so for the price and what you want them to do id definatly go for the Bahco pipe wrench, although I may have one last look around to see if theres anything better, and if not itts the Bahco’s for me!

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