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Have you ever watched a how-to video and wanted to jump right into a new project as soon as it was over? That’s how I feel after watching part of Taunton’s three-DVD set on house building.

The set consists of Framing Walls, Framing Roofs, and Framing Floors and Stairs.  Larry Haun, a production framer, and his brother Rob go over the basics of framing a house, from the slab up to the roof. They clearly explain the steps and tools necessary to do the job, and they even show techniques to speed the process.

Larry presents everything in such a way that even my wife — who had to watch it because I had the remote — ended up being interested.  You can get the three DVDs for $20 apiece from Taunton, but I was able to borrow mine from the library. They’re really worth watching for the chance to hear a professional speak about and perform his trade.

Framing Walls [Taunton]
Framing Roofs [Taunton]
Framing Floors and Stairs [Taunton]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] (1561587184) [What’s This?]


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  1. KevinB says:

    I like the Taunton series, I have an old VHS tape on hanging doors, no nonsense, just the facts, they may not be entertaining to the average person, but they are very informative.

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