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While cordless screwdrivers rock at home, cords still rule in the industrial world. Why? Because they can spin like the devil — up to 2,850 RPM for the new Metabo — and they never run out of juice. Metabo also claims the SE2800’s shape plus its relatively-light 2.64 pound weight makes it easy on your hands, while that crazy-looking chuck allows you to remove and replace a driver bit without screwing up your depth stop settings.

If you need more spin, Metabo also offers the SE4000, which cranks up to 3,950 RPM, delivering slightly less torque as a trade. (Don’t read anything into that statement: all electric motors deliver less torque as RPM increases. The fact that Metabo rates the SE4000 as 71 in-lbs instead of the SE2800’s 106 in-lbs just means they’re being honest instead of simply measuring at a different RPM to make them match.)

Street pricing starts around $125 for both models, and they appear to be shipping now.

SE2800/SE4000 Corded Screwdriver [Metabo]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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