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The orange and black Harley-Davidson logo has made its rounds to nearly every product capable of being printed or stitched on, so we weren’t surprised to see a Harley hard hat. Some might raise an eyebrow or laugh, but we look at it like this: As long as it meets safety code, anything you want to put on your hat is fair game.

The metallic-silver colored HDHHAT20 (that’s the model number) features a checkered design with orange and black detailing, and it also incorporates the bar and shield logo. Its smooth, ratchet-style adjustment allows proper safety cap alignment and a comfortable fit, and the hat complies with new ANSI Z89.1-2003 impact standards.

So it’s a real, type-1 hat with hog style literally all over it. Street pricing starts at around $35, but a higher price point is expected when HD is involved in any way.

Harley-Davidson Suspension Hard Hat [Safety Glasses USA]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


8 Responses to Harley-Davidson Suspension Hard Hat

  1. Tony says:

    Harley-Davidson: safety gear for the workplace, costumes for riding their motorcycles.

    I’d love to see a HD full face helmet, jacket with approved armor, and a pair of pants that isn’t chaps, but I guess they’re more concerned about getting their logo seen than being safe on the products they sell.

  2. Rob says:

    @ Tony

    I agree. The irony of HD making a hard hat that is more likely to be worn by someone who is less likely to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle is killing me.

  3. Scott says:

    Surprised it isn’t more that $35, remember HD really stands for Hundred Dollar. And I’m from Milwaukee.

  4. Steve says:

    Many HD riders I know DO wear a helment. Those that do not also ride other bikes. But then realize many people who wear hard hats do so because it is required for their job whereas many states to not require wearing helments although it is always a good idea.

  5. melee says:

    HD sells some of everything. Just in their online store, I see 5 full face helmets, several textile and leather jackets with CE-approved armor, and leather and textile overpants. In fact, quite a lot of the HD-branded stuff is pretty high-end and practical. A bit overpriced, perhaps, but that’s the game you play when you play HD.

    Of course, you said “see”, and the good stuff is commonly ignored in favor of, well, nothing or close to it. But, really, it’s not the Motor Company pushing poor gear or choices (just look at their ads: FXRG all over.)

  6. Damon says:

    @ Tony , since you seemed to be so misinformed about harley davidson i thought i would enlighten you. Harley in fact does make a full face helmet along with leather and mesh jackets both with approved body armor and also they have a wide variety of other protective clothing which includes riding pants whether id be denim or leather with body armor as well as boots gloves and even face protectors if you choose not to wear a full face helmet , maybe you should research something a little more before throwing stones

  7. DaveR says:

    Harley Davidson sells more apparel and accessories than any other motorcycle manufacturer. A few years ago someone took the other top two manufacturers (I think it was Honda and Kawasaki) and combined the apparel sales figures and they still didn’t come close to “officially” licensed Harley stuff. Now if you take all of the bootleg Harley stuff sold out there, combine it with official stuff I would have to imagine the profit level is equal to or higher than the actual motorcycle sales. (I personally ride a Triumph, which Harley weekend warriors hate but real Harley riders respect.)

  8. Brian says:

    In response to Tony there- Hey Tony, most of the riders you see with no helmets or jackets are with MC’s (motorcycle clubs) and their lack of safety gear is to uphold their image as badasses. And as far as the chaps go there Tony, they go OVER the jeans and provide exelent protection against roadrash.
    Harley Davidson makes a plethridge of DOT approved safety gear Tony so you should’nt comment negatively about HD if you know nothing about their company’s products.

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