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It doesn’t get much simpler than magnets on a string, but that’s essentially what HandyMagnets are — a series of nine plastic-encapsulated rare-earth magnets. They’ll keep a map stuck to the hood of your car while you figure out where you are, or they’ll attach your tools to any ferrous object in your shop. This Australian product doesn’t seem to have made it to U.S. shores yet, but I look forward to when it does.

Each individual neodymium magnet holds just shy of 2-1/2 pounds. Two screw holes on each end allow you to attach the strip somewhere permanently, but the HandyMagnet’s real utility seems to lie in how many different little tasks it can do.

The Handy Magnet site suggests using it to secure hand tools to the chassis of a car or truck to keep tools at hand while working on your back.  Or you can cut the strip up — it’s a quick and dirty way to keep a paint brush stuck to the rim of a paint can so it won’t drip everywhere. The applications are pretty much only limited by imagination.

The HandyMagnet sells for roughly 17 US dollars via the web site, but shipping to the US doesn’t seem to be an option at the moment.

HandyMagnet [Official Site]


2 Responses to HandyMagnet, Universally Useful

  1. Dan says:

    This would be pretty easy to replicate on your own. I found a great site that carries killer magnets that are more than strong enough to hold up tools like in the picture.


    I have bought magnets from them and they are insanely strong.

  2. Mr.Miz says:

    Come on now people! You can get all the free magnets you could ever want out of old hard drives and but them on a shoe string or just screw them into a scrap of wood. Just find out when your local state entity is doing their equipment auction and take all the old hard drives you can get your hands on. All universities and state entities have a once a year auction for things they are trying to get out of their storage. If your crafty the trip to the auction will be worth the gas. Just looking at the above it will be worth $17 by how many your truck will hold.

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