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Kneeling will really take a toll on you, especially if you have to do it all day. Normal knee pads, though they can do a lot to ease the discomfort, don’t help you get around on the ground. But Knee Blades protect your knees and keep you moving.

Knee Blades mate knee pads with small, three-wheeled dollies to make padded knee skates — they allow you to move in any direction in a kneeling position, with little effort. Just attach the injection-molded gel pads to your knees, using the stretchable hook and loop straps. This excellent tool comes in handy for installing flooring, tiles, or any project that requires you to work low and mobile.


We’re not sure what all the different price options are, because the Knee Blade website isn’t functioning at 100%. The site does feature a pair of videos that show how effective the Knee Blades can be. Prices range between $60 and $120, and only a few distributors seem to carry ’em.

Knee Blades [Official Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Knee Blades [Installer Tools]


8 Responses to Knee Blades

  1. How well do these “blades” steer going down a 6% grade?

  2. Rob O. says:

    Just imagine the stunts we’ll see once the “X Games” crowd gets ahold of these bad boys!

  3. MacTavish says:

    Every congressman will want a pair of these.

  4. Jax says:

    Looks like a good way to wear out the toes of your shoes really.

  5. Suzie Giust says:

    Do you deliver to Australia?


  6. Eric says:

    How can i buy the knee blades

  7. Nick says:

    Interested in these knees blades????

  8. Charlee King says:

    I want to buy these ! I am in USA

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