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UFO’s NailScrews combine the holding power of screws with the speed of a nail gun. These specially designed fasteners, that you shoot out of a nail gun, hold so well that they have to be removed with a screwdriver.

UFO manufactures NailScrews from high-quality C1022 steel — then they case-harden ’em before applying either yellow zinc plating or their PT2000 coating for treated lumber. NailScrews’ rolled, ballistic points minimize wood fiber damage, and the asymmetrical threads allow you to drive the fasteners easily.

UFO sells NailScrews in plastic strips or wire coils, for attaching composite decking, wood, and metal. You can get ’em with flat, square-drive, or Phillips-drive heads. Prices vary depending on options — McFeely’s sells a box of 1,500 NailScrews for about $50.

Ballistic NailScrews [Universal Fastener Outsourcing]
Ballistic NailScrews [McFeely’s]


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  1. Mr. P
    Yeah, I missed that post. Not sure how I did since it was the second hit on Google for “nailscrews.” I might have gone a different direction with the post if I had. I generally try not post tools that other sites already have, or if I do I try to add some new information or insight.

    That said do you comment when NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, CNN, etc covers the same news?

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