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We like the new Milwaukee 0880-20 28V wet/dry vac if for no other reason than it looks like a toolbox — so we’ll probably be able to manage it more easily than the normal, R2-D2 looking vacs on the market. Oh yeah, it also features a two-gallon capacity and an airflow rating of 45 cfm.

According to Milwaukee, the 0880-20’s V28TM lithium-ion batteries will power the vac continuously for around 16 minutes on one charge. With more air power and suction than its 18V predecessor, it’ll quickly and easily remove dust, debris, and water.

The new design looks pretty sweet, and we really dig that these units are stackable and that they work with the V28 system many already own. Somebody over there’s thinking.

We couldn’t find the new model on Google Products, but street pricing on the 18V version is around $92, if that tells you anything.

0880-20 28V Wet/Dry Vac [Milwaukee]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


One Response to Milwaukee’s Squared V28 Vac

  1. EricT says:

    I got mine for Free…well almost. They have a promotion going on though Grainger when you purchase select tools. Very impressive wet-dry vac. I was also sold when I found out that Milwaukee offers a 5-year warranty on their products and their batteries!

    I will admit, I used to buy a lot of Dewalt but their quality has been on a downhill trend after outsourcing their line to China. I got tired of having to send my tools back due to manufacture defects and poor workmanship.

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