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For all the Norm junkies out there, the New Yankee Workshop — which is set to start shooting its 20th season — is offering up more episodes than ever before on DVD. They’ve finally embraced the 21st century, and they’ll no longer be archiving to VHS.

Though the long-standing Norm VHS may be going away, that doesn’t make the projects turned out in the NYW any less substantial than they ever were.  That the interest in these projects has transcended the media they were originally recorded on is a testament to the solid design of the furniture and cabinetry built on the show. We look forward to future views of many new Norm-flavored broadcasts on the holo-chip implanted in our forefinger in the years ahead.

In the meantime, check out the New Yankee site for a list of the new DVDs available.

New Yankee DVDs [New Yankee Workshop]


7 Responses to Norm’s Going Digital

  1. Matt says:


  2. Tony Clifton says:

    *sigh* Unsurprisingly, they don’t get that some of us want to just watch the episodes- I’d probably pick up the first couple of seasons just to watch if they bothered to offer season sets.

  3. Eric Dykstra says:

    I wonder if netflix will stock them. Next maybe they’ll offer pdf of the projects too. One step at a time norm, one step at a time.

  4. ned.ludd says:

    @Tony Clifton: You can thank Russell Morash for everything that’s wrong with the TOH enterprise on PBH. Norm seems like a genuinely good guy, but this mainstream DIY content being shoveled out by Mr Morash just gets lamer every year.

    Imagine the volume they’d sell charging $30 for a season’s worth of DVDs, then farming out the plan + measured “drawrings” to a print-on-demand service. Hit the price point where the product becomes something that you can’t afford not to buy, and make it something that a kid could buy his dad for father’s day. That’s what I’m talking about.

    Or just do like Roy and stream all of your woodworking goodness off of your website for free.

  5. Zathrus says:

    Oh wow… they’re on DVD now? Just in time for the HiDef format wars to end… whee!

    And, as Eric and nudd mentioned, they should really sell plans and such as well.

    As for the pricing; it’s pretty silly. SF geeks were willing to pay inflated prices for non-season sets for shows like Star Trek and Farscape (and then pay again for the season sets with extra features); pretty much nobody else is willing to go through the silliness.

  6. robd says:

    No please start shooting in 720p or better. Two of the OTA HDTV stations are PBS, both get NYW, and neither air it on their HD feeds.

    And yes, I’ve told NYW.

  7. Tony Clifton says:

    The ridiculous situation with the DVD sets is hardly a NYW innovation; look at another of my favorite shows, Good Eats. Food Network will probably never offer that show in season sets, but only in lame “theme sets”.

    To be fair, I don’t think $25 is too much when getting a single episode with the plans; I figure they already did most of the hard stuff (for me at least) by doing all of the engineering work already.

    This isn’t really the right forum to discuss this, but it’s really too bad that some media companies just don’t get that many people want television DVDs to be organized and presented as the shows originally aired.

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