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Craftsman 2-Pack Tool Bags

What’s better than one tool bag? Thats right, two tool bags. You can get this duo over at Sears for $7.50.  Each bag — one is 10-inches and the other 12-inches — features a large interior, three outer pockets, two full-handle grips, zipper top with a steel reinforcement bar, and double stitching on the base, which provides resistance to both water and abrasion.  Offer ends March 22.

Craftsman Tool Bag Two-Pack [Sears]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: Craftsman Two-Pack Tool Bags $8

  1. BC says:

    Um… posted March 24… offer ends March 22? Oops.

    Normal price is $14.99, which, if they’re decent bags, is still pretty cheap.

  2. MIG-ateur says:

    Today is March 24th! The price is now $14.99.

  3. Chris Morse says:

    offer ends March 22. Thanks for posting on the 24th.

  4. o1d_dude says:

    What the three folks above me said…today’s the 24th so the sale is long gone.

    I coulda used these for $7.50.

  5. ToolFreak says:

    The 12 inch bag usually goes on sale by itself for $4.99, too.

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