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This month Lincoln released their newest big-dog welder, the Ranger 250 GXT. The 600-lb. monster sports more power output and a huge AC generator, for some truly awesome portable power.

I say ‘portable’ because it’s basically designed for contractors to heave it into their truck bed and drive to a site. Despite it’s manageable size, the GXT pumps out 11,000 peak watts of power and 10,000 continuous watts of power. With the KVA 120/240V outlet you can hook up high-capacity rigs, like a plasma cutter, or up to four 120V tools, like grinders or lights, without fear of running out of juice.

Much like the earlier 250 model, the GXT can be fitted for stick, TIG, MIG, or flux core welding, and it features a remote for setting voltage. Also like the older model, the GXT will run right around $3,800. Not bad considering the unit’s power and flexibility — it’s purpose-built for pros, so we’d expect a high buy-in.

Ranger 250 GXT Welder [Lincoln]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
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14 Responses to Lincoln’s Ranger 250 GXT Welder

  1. Fred says:

    I think if I were in the market for a new welder, I’d stick to Miller:


  2. l_bilyk says:

    I dunno, lincoln is really stepping up their game as of late

  3. Fred says:

    Good to hear that Lincoln is stepping up.

    We are not boilermakers – but do get to do some fairly heavy site work – now its become mostly stainless steel.
    I had an Old Hobart engine driven-stick welder which finally needed a major rebuild and was no longer up to our needs. We decided to scrap it in favor of a Miller Trailblazer – nothing too big – no diesel or anything. We tried a Lincoln welder at the time – and my welder thought it to be a bit rough and said it had inconsitent output.
    We like the Miller – but maybe what we need is a magazine like Consumer Reports to do unbiased tests of contractor tools.

  4. scubasteve says:

    I’ve been playing with my new LIncoln for a little over a year now, and I have been nothing but pleased. I’ve yet to find something I cant stick together.

  5. Fred says:


    Is your lincoln an engine-driven (gasoline or diesel) model?

  6. Matt says:

    I have pounded on a Lincoln GXT 250 for 200 hours now. Run a lot of 1/16″ fluxcore (from 125-300 IPM) which should put me up in the 300 amp range.
    I hooked the leads together and it puts out 350 on the stick and 400 on the CV side according to my digital meter. I have no complaints. I have arc gouged with 3/16″ carbons for hours at a time on the cv side. I have run the house on the ACpower side it puts out over 80 amps. I used it for a fluxcore welding test a few weeks ago which I passed. Plus it has over 250 amps on the AC welding side. Show me a Miller that does that for 3500 bucks and I’ll buy it.

  7. Bob says:

    For all the experts out there, for just starting out welding mild steel and doing small projects, is the Millermatic 135 an all right beginner that will last awhile? Thanks a bunch.

  8. Sparky says:

    Have a new 250gxt. Used it on a job Friday and when I filled the gas tank it started leaking all over the back of the truck(and no, I didn’t overfill). There is a leak from the gas tank which is totally unacceptable. Had to quit the job due to the safety concerns. pretty sad for a machine with less than six hours on it. Will see what the dealer will do on Monday am.

  9. lincoln is really stepping up their game as of late.

  10. Spike says:

    To Bob,
    Re; 135 amp welder for beginner. Not near big enough. If you do any pipe fencing etc at your home – not even talking commercial work – you will be disappointed. It will handle 1/8″ 6011 rods ok, but you need 7018’s for sucker rod and drill stem, and 135 amps justis not big enough. If all you’re doing is light flat work in your garage, its ok.

  11. wild Bill says:

    I have used the trailblazer 250 and the lincoln GXT 250 both performed flawless However the Miller seemed to be Quieter, But the generator on the lincoln bar none was the best it really was tough and heavy duty we maxed out all the 120 recepts. and the 240 plus I was able to run my small millermatic 135 and never had a voltage drop on the small welding I am impressed w/ the generater on the lincoln Just my 2 cents

  12. Dust Roads says:

    Got 4000 flawless hrs on the ol’ Ranger 8 but my new 250 at about 50 hrs th e fuel pump failer.Did this again then the 3rd replacement worked.Factory says some of the pumps pieces were not properly heat treated…DA!
    Then the welding control board expired,thank god under waareny…but now once agin it quits welding and maintains a tiny arc with no amps,yips…looks like I gotta shell out some big$$$ with only 1100 hrs.BULL^%$&(

  13. Charlie says:

    A gas Leak after 6 hours? Probably just a lose hose or something. Should be easy enough for a real tradesman to diagnose.

  14. Seth says:

    I had a ranger10,000 and that machine would run 13-15 hrs and would finally run out of gas I would put more in it n would fire rite up… Have sa 200 now these machines run so smooth for what I use it for but Liz oil … Prob won’t ever have to do oil change just keep adding it lol was thing bout the gxt 250 stainless ?? We will see

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