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Girard Finger Spinner Ratchet

When using a ratchet, sometimes the nut or bolt is loose enough that you can’t rotate the ratcheting mechanism, but tight enough that you can’t quite turn it by hand. Some ratchets provide a little thumb wheel just for spinning the socket with your fingers — but Girard Development designed a more elegant solution: a ratchet with a finger spinner on the back.

Their 3/8″ standard drive ratchet features a 72-tooth ratcheting mechanism.  The direction pawl’s additional position of neutral allows you to quickly turn the socket with the spinner.  A flexible plastic grip covers the handle to make the stubby ratchet more comfortable.

For $15 this ratchet might be a curiosity, but it’s an inexpensive one.

Girard Finger Spinning Ratchet [McFeely’s]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


3 Responses to Girard Finger Spinning Ratchet

  1. scubasteve says:

    I find my ratchets with an integrated thumb-wheel invaluable. And I can see one clear advantage that they would have over this item–one handed operation. That said, it still looks like a neat little piece of kit.

  2. eschoendorff says:

    Holy gimmick Batman! That’s almost as bad as my ratchet with the direction selector built into the handle:


  3. Josh says:

    I think the Stanely/Husky Rotator or the B&D Tri rotating, whatever the call it, will work better than this. Any time I use a stubby the area is usually to tight to get my hand in there. Now with this one I would be required to have my finger rotating around the head of the ratchet ? I think I could save $15 and just hold the socket with a finger and move the ratchet a few inches with my other fingers and problem solved. Never been a fan of the thumbwheels on ratchets though.

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