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Drill Press Dust Collector Composite

The drill press might be one of the more overlooked shop tools when it comes to dust collection, but it still can make quite a mess — especially if it gets dual use as a drum sander. The dust and shavings also make it hard to see your workpiece while drilling. Peachtree Woodworking Supply sells one solution: a versatile kit that makes collecting dust at the drill press easy.

A rigid Flex-Lock hose, the core of the dust collector, stays in the position you put it. The ball-and-socket design of the Flex-Lock hose keeps a constant inside diameter, no matter how it’s positioned. Peachtree sells three different nozzles. The tapered nozzle included in the kit works well for standard drilling tasks, while the round-flare and rectangular-flare nozzles provide a larger collection area, for larger bits or drum sanding.

Dust Collector Nozzles

You can mount the Drill Press Dust Collector to most bench-top and full-sized drill presses, although some small drill presses might require a separate adapter plate. The Dust Collector connects to any 2″ hose — or you can use a reducer to connect it to 2-1/2″ or 4″ hoses.

The Drill Press Dust Collector kit runs $40 and includes the tapered nozzle, the 12″ rigid flex-lock hose, an UHMW mounting bracket, and a 2″ hose fitting.

Dust Collector
Dust Collector [Peachtree]


3 Responses to Peachtree’s Drill Press Dust Collector

  1. Frank Townend says:

    Hello TTrackUSA. Nice addition to a drill press.

    Question: Can’t you provide the other two $0.25 nozzles in the $40 selling price?

  2. Josh says:

    For $40 plus another $7 per collector I think I could rig up the shop vac to do the same thing with out this kit.

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