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If a windstorm has ever scattered your deck furniture across the neighborhood, Deck-Tiedowns from Bishop Innovations could save you a lot of grief. They’re simple stainless steel rings with “T”-shaped ends — you just slip ’em between your deck planks, and twist. They provide a secure anchor for grills, patio furniture, etc, when weather threatens to blow them away.

You can find Deck-Tiedowns in some hardware stores, but if your local store doesn’t carry ’em, you can buy ’em directly from the website. They’ll fit boards up to 1-1/2″ thick. A four-pack of tiedowns costs $6, and a 12-pack runs $15.

Deck-Tiedown [Official Site]


One Response to Deck-Tiedowns Keep Stuff From Blowin' In The Wind

  1. someonesdad says:

    Good idea. But, sheesh, make your own from some brass or stainless wire — bend it around a socket and add the legs with pliers.

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