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Dust Sucker

For all the readers that hated the Saw-Aid — and those that might actually have liked it — here’s another tool from Stots: the Dust Sucker And More!, hereafter shortened to “the Dust Sucker”. The Dust Sucker aims to make dust collection on your router table more effective. At the same time it provides a starting pin for fenceless routing, and it gives you a convenient place to store the things you always want close at hand, like router bits, a collet wrench, or brass setup bars.

First, you connect the Dust Sucker directly to a 2-1/2″ or 2-1/4″ hose, or to a 4″ or 1-1/4″ hose using an adapter. You can either mount the Dust Sucker’s V-shaped side to the table with a 1/4″ bolt, to use it as a starter pin — or you can leave the Dust Sucker free to move about the router table, to position it where you need it.

The rear storage bay offers plenty of holes for router bits with common shank diameters, and it features a clear plastic lid to protect those bits. The four other storage compartments in the front keep things you use often — like wrenches, pencils, and collets — close by.

At $50 the Dust Sucker is a little expensive, but so is your time. If you have to clean your shop after using your router table, or if you waste precious shop-time looking for your 1/2″ collet, this tool might be worth a look.

Dust Sucker And More! [Stots]


2 Responses to Router Table Dust Collection And More

  1. Joel Wires says:

    This thing looks awesome! I would be worried about one thing though; vibration/travel. Anyone who leaves thing one their router table when in operation knows that is moves on its own. I see that it goes over the starting pin, but that’s only on point of anchoring. Does it have some sort of rubber gasket to increase friction? I guess a clamp would probably add the necessary staying power too. Oh well…

    Friction or not, I think I could find a place for this in my shop. 🙂

  2. Ernie says:

    How wide is the opening?

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